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Parasailing at Cape Cod


Day 3 we decided to try water sports! Unfortunately weather continued to not support the plan.Windy and cloudy day with chances of rain.We didn’t want the last day of the long weekend to go idle. Parasailing is what we decided to do.


We booked the slot for parasailing. Online booking of the slot saves you $10. The price per person is $89 for a height of 600 ft. They also fly you at 900 ft and 1200 ft.


The parachute is connected to the boat with just one loop of the thread. That’s what seems scary when you are up there in the air.

When you go for parasailing the wind speed cannot be more than 20mph. Anything above that range you will not be allowed to parasail. We were doing 18mph. When we went up there at 600ft, we were swinging in air due to wind.

IMG_2234 IMG_2294

I am guessing the best view of the place through parasiling is at a height of 1200ft.It was fun to be sailing on water at 600 ft too. The boat that is holding the parachute and the people in the boat look tiny.The gushing waves of high tide seems like small ripples.

When you are up in the air tied to parachute sitting on a single rope, few things definitely cross your mind, like
1. What if rope disconnects from the boat
2. what if boat stops and you fall in water..(You have life jacket, dont worry)

IMG_2270 IMG_2278

But if you forget all that for that moment, you can enjoy the view from the top. It sure is fun.