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Grand Canyon National park – Day 3


Day 3 we started off early around 7.30am to Page,AZ. Time for some drive in desert. Long roads, flat lands and no trees,only tiny bushes. We stopped by at burger King in Cameron for breakfast . For the first time in the last 4 days we paid for our breakfast in single digit.After breakfast we continued our drive towards Page. Wondering what’s in Page? The very famous and beautiful antelope canyon .

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Firstly you cannot directly goto antelope canyon and start exploring it all by urself . Visit to antelope canyon is only through guided tours . Muddy road and threat of flash floods are the reason. There are quite a few tours & travels who are certified to take people on the guided canyon tours here in Page . We found Navajo tours were reasonably priced  $43 per person. The best time to see this canyon is either 10am or 12 noon . The sun’s rays penetrate through the canyon and enhances the colors of this canyon around these times of the day . They also have exclusive photography tours which are priced high . 

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We took 11am batch to visit Antelope canyon . Each group in a batch is assigned to a guide.The guide has a modified jeep truck that can accommodate around 10 people . After we started ,we realized this road to antelope may not be fit for normal cars.  

Our guide JR took 10 of us to the Canyon . Here are the rules 

You always follow the guide .Do not mix ourselves with the other group .There is only a few mins given to click pictures . 

This canyon tour is 90 mins tour including 20 mins round trip time. So u basically have only 30 mins to admire this curvy canyon stone walls . 

The guide does a good job of explaining what structures u can see in these curvy walls . Like Lincoln’s face , Batman , Arizona sunset etc etc. 

batman butterfly face

The Antelop Canyon is a mountain which is cut through by floods and winds over years . The water and winds flowing through these walls have given its curvy walls a unique texture . The colors of these curvy canyon walls are just mesmerizing. Unfortunately we had a cloudy day and hence not much light . But weather was just beautiful to be out on roads in Arizona . In 30 mins we were done walking through the Antelop Canyon and headed back .

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In about a mile or 2 on route 98 is the horseshoe bend overlook . The walking trail to this place is about 3/4 mile from parking lot . This place is a naturally carved horse shoe structure in the canyon with colorado river flowing through the base of the canyon. The Colorado River that flows here is visible as dark green waters. The view of green color water flowing at the base of reddish beige colored canyon is just beautiful . We sat at the edge of  cliff admiring everything about this place . Nature’s civil engineering work.


After having spent enough time at the horseshoe bend , we grabbed lunch and started driving back to Tusayan. Way back we took a slight diversion which will later merge the routes back to GC. The place on this route is Edge cliff. There is a long stretch of smaller canyon mountains. The road is excavated between these rocks and the view is worth capturing . 

We stopped by at Cameron for refreshing coffee and back to our nest by 6.30pm .

Good night