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Grand Canyon National Park – Day 2


We started our day 2 at grand canyon national park by 8.30am. Weather was  mix of clouds and sun but nicer temperatures . Unlike day 1 which was sunny but chillness in the air ,could not spend the day without a light jacket . 

This day was planned to cover the 64 East . Mainly the South Kaibab trail and the Desert view tower . The orange route shuttle from visitor center takes you to 2 points  yaki point and south kaibab trail . 

There is no connectivity to the Desert view tower using shuttles .Own vehicles are allowed in this stretch of the park , Hence we decided to drive ourselves . 

We stopped at 3 viewpoints before reaching Desert view tower . Grandview trailhead – you can hike down this trail if u prefer do to some hiking . There are few other points on this route where you can stop by for canyon views.

dv1 dv2 dv3 dv4

Lipan point & Navajo point – here you get a much closer view of the upper part of the Canyon and Colorado River . 

By 11am we were at the Desert view tower . The Desert view tower gives a much closer and clearer  view of the top layer of the canyon descending to inner layers . The tower building itself is a historic native Indian architecture .

dv5 dv6 dv7 dv9

After capturing all possible views , we stopped by to pick up something for lunch at snack bar . Pizza seemed like best option .We had a healthy and heavy breakfast at yavasupai restaurant which kept us full . 

On our way back from desert tower, we parked closer to the south kaibab trail head. Authorities don’t allow private vehicles to this location . Hence we had to park away and walk down . 

South Kaibab is a moderate trail without any water filling stations.Carry water as needed.The first stop on south kaibab trail is Ooh-Aah point which is 0.9 miles down into canyon.

Arvind and I decided to do cedar ridge .Cedar ridge is 3 miles round trip from top of the canyon. As we started our hike , we saw people reaching up huffing and panting . It gave us an idea of how the hike would be on our way back . We were hiking down to 1500 feet to get to cedar ridge . Hike down the trail was relatively easy by being a little careful at the edges .

sk2  sk1

On our way down the trail we met couple of families sharing their stories of where they are from , what are their plans and other things . One family had booked their reservations at phantom ranch a year ago . Phantom ranch is a resort or accomodation campground for people who are hiking down to the Colorado River which is 6 miles down . It is suggested u never do a round trip hike to Colorado river in one day unless you are extremely fit .  Book your reservations a year before if you want to camp down at phantom ranch . 

ohh-aah oa1

We all hikers reached at first point of the trail . Ooh-Aah point . It probably is Aah point for people who are trekking down . Here you get to see the 270 degree view of the huge canyon from within . We all clicked pictures for each other’s families . Most of them where excited that it will be the picture for their Christmas card since Christmas is around . 

cr1cr3 cr2cr4

We continued further down the trail .In about 30-40 mins we reached the Cedar ridge . Feeling deeply sourrounded by the majestic canyon walls. We went to tip of the ridge . It felt like a different planet in itself . At one point there was no hiker around , just Arvind and me sitting at the edge of a rock and admiring the canyon . Arvind said this is how it would be if we were the last 2 creatures living on this planet  .Not sure if I like that feeling. After relaxing our feet a little bit and soaking in all the beauty and peace around , wondering and admiring about lot of things that are above our everyday life , we started back . 

The hike down felt so easy only when we started to hike back to the top. Now we know why people were panting so much . Because of the steep trail, getting back up against gravity got the heart pounding like drums in the ears . We took breaks where possible and made it to the top in 2 hours . So basically it took double the time to hike up . 

happy happy1

It felt like mission accomplished after we reached the top of the trail . The humongous walls of the canyon makes u feel so small . We are those tiny shrubs in these canyons . 

We sat down in peace , relaxing and cooling off , admiring the path , feeling good with lot of pains here and there . 

We called it a day after having dinner at yavasupai restaurant . 

Good night . 


Grand Canyon National Park – Day 1


It was our 7th wedding anniversary and a surprise was waiting for me . A trip to one of the 7 natural wonders of the world .


We took an early flight and reached flagstaff where we rented a car .Grand Canyon National Park is one hour 30 mins drive further. we were staying at Canyon plaza resort hotel just outside the Grand canyon national park in Tusayan . This hotel had reasonable pricing, but no complimentary breakfast.Hotel was neat.

After the hectic day of long travel we had no energy to start exploring the park for the day . Also park’s visitor center was closed by 5pm . We decided to rest for the day . Soon we realized there are not many options for good food in Tusayan. It is also expensive given that area is a tourist attraction

26th Oct 2016. 

Grand Canyon National park has north rim and south rim.North rim closes by Oct 15th ,while the south rim is open throughout the year for travelers . Hence we could do only the south rim . 

We started our day with McDonalds breakfast at 7.30am . After breakfast we headed straight to visitor center to plan rest of our stay here at national park . Entrance to the national park is $30 for 1-7 days. The lady at visitor center guided us as to what we could do the next 3 days . We were all set to explore Grand Canyon National park – South rim. 


Five mins walk from visitor center is Mather point – where you get a first view of grand canyon  . GC is just so vast with its huge walls ,layered and colored patterns that you could just stand and stare and keep wondering as to how this has happened . Just breath taking wow!. This point is also good for sunrise and sunset. 

From Mather point there is Rim trail that goes all the way to the Grand Canyon Village .


You can view the Canyon from different points here on on this trail . Either take the trail or choose to take shuttle buses that start from visitor center. There are 3 different routes represented by 3 colors of shuttle buses . 

Red- scenic route of the national park

Blue – village transfer route .

Orange – route to Kaibab trail and Yaki point.

Red shuttle buses start only from bright angel trailhead . 

matherpoint  matherpoint2matherpoint1matherpoint4

We started on rim trail from Mather point capturing the beauty of grand canyon in the morning sun . We stopped by here and there analysing and comparing the heights and colors of the canyon . En-route there are many information boards about how, what and why’s of the Canyon . Everything about canyon is in terms of millions of years ! 

After taking small stops along the trail, the next main stop was Yavapai Point & Geology museum . Here again lots of information to know about the Canyon . The museum has glass windows from where you get to see complete 180 degree view of the Canyon .

Continue on this trail next stop is Verkamp’s visitor center and Hopi house .Verkamp’s visitor center has the historical information about the Grand canyon railway and how the community developed over years. Back in the days Hopi house was Mary Colters idea to sell the products made by native Americans. Now it has products made in USA . Just next to hopi house is the El tovar restaurant . Lunch seemed expensive and we decided to move on to next stop . 


Kolb studio is the free exhibition of Grand Canyon paintings by various artists . Amazing paintings to admire or buy if you are interested .

Just before Kolb studio is the Bright angel lodge and restaurant . The restaurant here had very good food at reasonable prices and service was good too. Highly recommended place to eat . 

After kolb studio is where the Bright angel trail begins. This is one of the moderate hiking trails. 

hr1 hr2 hr3 hr4

From Bright angel trailhead we took the red route shuttle to Hermits rest . There are 8 points on this route from where you can see the Canyon . Sunrise , sunset , different colors of canyon in layers , view of the Colorado River and standing at the cliff to feel the depth  are the different things you can do at these different points . Final destination of this route is Hermits rest . Here you can relax and have some coffee and snacks before you head back to village transfer shuttle stop . 

After refreshing coffee stop at hermits rest, we came back to bright angel trailhead to board a blue route shuttle also called village transfer shuttle . This shuttle took us back to visitor center where the car was parked .

We exited the park and came back to Tusayan where we were staying . ‘We cook pizza pasta’ is the place we decided have dinner . Their pizza was undercooked and expensive and we could do nothing about it since it was carry out. Probably the worst pizza I have eaten so far. Would never recommend this place . 

We are just so tiny in front of this huge divine creation.

More about Grand Canyon in the next post.

Good night !