Clean and Green Mysore!


When we visit Mysuru(Mysore) we never miss the list of attractions as tourists.

ChamundiMysore PalaceRanganatha templegumbuz

Chamundi Hills, Mysore Palace, Gumbuz, Ranganatha temple,Philomena Church, Sangama, Lalit Mahal, Jagmohan Palace,KRS and Mysore Zoo.


Mysore is a very clean and green place. There are so many serene palaces to see which tourists won’t know. Only when you have friends who are local to the place and avid travelers,people like me get to see and experience the serene beauty of the place.Ajit and Dolly are two of my adventurous traveller friends who excited me with the offer of showing the real Mysore, serene precisely.

I was in Mysore for exactly 2 days.



My journey of exploring non touristy places began on day one at 7am in the morning. Ajit and his 4 adopted dogs, Dolly and I started off with morning walk at The Mysore University. My friends are into fitness regime like running,cycling and trekking.I wouldn’t miss to see where they run.


Mysore university campus is open for public. Early morning in this campus you get to see joggers,runners and morning walk people. The campus by itself is very beautiful. Not too crowded, clean, green and huge .Few of the buildings in the campus are historic and none of the new buildings can even be compared with the beauty of the old historic ones.


After walk in the campus, we headed out for a nice breakfast at a local place. I had never even thought of eating street side breakfast in bandi(truck) or stall, but trust me it was as tasty and clean. Else my stomach would have given up in a hour.

Next we decided to goto a place call Paschima vahini.

Paschima vahini sangama is a place where 3 rivers Cauvery,Kabini and Hemavati meet. People visit this place to immerse the ashes of the dead.


Sangama is the place where rituals are done. Away from sangama near paschima vahini railway station there are green fields and the river continues to flow by the ashram . This place is really beautiful to sit back, relax a bit in water and enjoy the lush greenery of the paddy fields and coconut trees. Apple,Pumpkin,Venu and Pupoon enjoyed their swim in the waters, while we tried to just walk in the waters. Rocks in the water were very slippery due to algae formation. We had to be really careful. But This place was serene.


Then we headed to a tea stall in Palahalli. Devaraj tea stall. This place had the best tea I ever had outside home. I am a tea lover and this place was like a craving every few hours.

After some long talks, a little later we headed to Durgamba mess for lunch. They serve very good lunch. We had nice lunch and back home for some cooling off time. Mysore is hot in summer. Later in the evening we lazed a bit and tried another place for dinner. What better can a group of friends who love to eat do.:)

Day 1 complete.

Day 2 also began around 7.30 am. This day we went to Kukkarahalli lake. This is again a place for morning workout routine. Surrounding the lake is the area where u can workout. Lake with lot of bird variety to see early is the morning is definitely a motivation for workout.I really wished for a high end camera to capture the bird beauty.

kk lake

Evening around 5, Ajit and Dolly suggested I should not miss sunset at KRS backwaters. There is no connectivity to this place by bus. One can goto to see sunset only if you have a personal 4 wheeler. 4 wheelers is preferred option since sundown it might not be safe to travel on 2-wheelers. To my bad luck, 2 things went wrong here at the backwaters.




One ,since the soil was wet in the area , car got stuck and we had to take help from the locals to pull the car out. Secondly, sun before setting got shy and hid himself behind the clouds and decided he wont show himself to me. Nevertheless, Place was peaceful. Don’t miss your chance to see the sunset at KRS backwaters.

we ended our day with Devaraj’s tea followed by dinner later at a food truck.


I will go back again to see more of Mysore. I am not done yet :).







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