Diana’s Bath


Diana’s bath is the the last place we visited before winter began in the US(year 2015). It was almost end of fall colors in the white mountains . I have not been blogging for few months now, took this long to get back to it.

Hannah, my friend had heard about this place from few of her friends. She was long waiting to explore Diana’s Bath. One day in fall we decided to check this place out. Arvind couldn’t join ,Hence I tagged along with Josh & Hannah.

It wasn’t easy to find this place at first.Few local hikers directed us towards the right way. This place is in the town of Bartlett,NH near village of North Conway in the white mountains .


Diana’s bath is about .6 miles hike from the base of the waterfall.  It has big boulders on which water flows.One can hike onto the top of the waterfall to get all kinds of beautiful views of the waterfall and fall colors. Best part about this place is you can swim and cool off in these waters.

Summer or fall this place is beautiful to relax and spend a day.


Here is what wikipedia has to say about the name “Diana’s bath”

“These curious circular stone cavities on Lucy Brook originally were known as the Home of the Water Fairies; tradition says evil water sprites inhabited the ledges, tormenting the Sokokis Indians until a mountain god answered the Indians’ prayers and swept the sprites away in a flood. But sometime before 1859 a Miss Hubbard of Boston, a guest at the old Mount Washington House in North Conway, rechristened them Diana’s Baths, presumably to evoke images of the Roman nature goddess. The pools are also called Lucy’s Baths.”

The name was official when the government purchased the land in the 1960s and made it part of the White Mountain National Forest.


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