Flume Gorge


10 miles away from lost river is the flume gorge. I have been waiting all summer to visit this place. Flume gorge is waterfalls place. Avalanche waterfall,Cascade waterfall, Liberty pool are the names I remember.  The main attraction is the water flowing through huge narrow granite rock walls. You can read the history behind the formation of these granite rocks at the visitor center or online. The round trip trek to cover all these waterfalls is 3.2 miles up and downhill.

IMG_9491 IMG_9510

There are also two caves here. a wolf den and a bear cave. We were too tired to explore these caves. May be next time.


Liberty pool is a huge natural pool with depth of 40 feet. The height of the pool is 80feet. Water is so clear that you can see the ground. But cannot imagine it is 40 feet deep.

IMG_0489 IMG_0494

The visitor center closes by 5pm in the evening. But once you get past the visitor center with tickets, you have an option to return back before sun down. Visitor center will be closed after 5pm.No staff will be around. But luckily there is a way to walk out. As you walk around the visitor center there are stairs that lead to front of the visitor center and exit from there. We realized this place may not be safe after the sunset . Hence be careful if you are stuck in there for long hours after sunset.

IMG_0312 IMG_0512

Also friends say these waterfalls look even more beautiful in fall season. Vibrant and sober colors of fall add to the beauty.


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