Found you! – Lost river


Lost river gorge and Boulder caves!

As the name of the attraction says this place is surrounded by lush green mountains with river doing hide and seek in the rocks. Boulder caves makes it more adventurous to explore. The caves here are explored and have enough information displayed for public to experience.

IMG_9405  IMG_0013

The speciality of this place is the wooden paved pathway. Most of the pathway was built some 100 years ago. Trust me the path is so good that one cannot believe it is 100 years old.


As we start walking down the pathway , you get to hear water flowing through the huge granite rocks. There is something to notice with the trees on the rocks here. The roots of the tress extend on the rocks in search of soil , so that they can find their food and continue to grow. Trees grow at certain angle  as well, as if they are finding way to avoid obstacles.

IMG_0079 (1) IMG_0081

The level of difficulty in exploring the caves is categorized  as difficult, less difficult and least difficult. Least difficult caves can be explored by anyone. For less difficult caves, children under 8 have to be accompanied with parents. Most difficult caves are dark and cold. Hence people who are claustrophobic should not try these caves. Also some of these difficult caves need you to crawl on your belly or knees and squeeze you body through     the holes. People who do not want to explore the caves can just walk on the pathway admiring the beautiful water flowing through the rocks .


Also there is a beautiful waterfall here . Paradise falls it is called. This place looks much more beautiful in real than in photographs.

This place is nature’s work over years. Made more accessible by we intelligent human beings. Go explore and have some adventurous fun.


Note: Pack your own food. There are no stores around this attraction. You have to drive some distance for restaurants .


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