In & Around West Rattlesnake!


As the fall is nearing, we group of friends are already missing summer. Before we welcome fall season , we have couple more outings to cover for this year. Lake Winnipesaukee in Meredith,NH is one of the most beautiful and scenic lakes. We never say no when heading towards this region. Surrounding places is full of water bodies. Blue water,green mountains and blue sky with clouds and sun, isn’t that a bliss.



We decided or rather Kathic & Mona came up with the idea of hiking. Mona always wanted to do Rattlesnake trail. She had done her homework about this trail long ago. Arvind was in for hiking. Joshua had boating in mind. Hence Laconia and Meredith were the places covering all the requirements . Hannah and I wanted to do all of this. Jackpot for us!


After all the research about hiking and weather, we decided to do West rattlesnake trail. We were 3 families ready to hike. Hannah Joshua’s little girl Jianna also was in for hiking along with Johan, Aunty and Uncle. Without worrying about how difficult or easy the hike would be, We went on. At a slower pace, this trail is totally doable with kids.

West Rattlesnake trail is 0.9 miles one way with an elevation of 450ft. Old bridal path trailhead leads to the summit of West rattlesnake mountain. The view from the summit is breathtaking. You can get the view of Squam lake with its tiny forest islands from the summit. Mummy Hannah had to be a kangaroo with baby sack. Jia is only 4 months old. Johan was all geared up to hike, But later gave up, So papa Joshua did some weight lifting too.


We couples did some leisurely photography with colorful mushrooms on the way up. Yellow, peach and reddish pink mushrooms were something new for us. Photoshoot at the summit is something we never miss. We have some awesome photographers in the group. Two of them were here today. Kartho and Joshua. After munching on plum cake we all headed down to parking. We came down by 2pm noon. 2 hours is enough to cover west rattlesnake trail.



Next in our minds was either sea plane or boating.Unfortunately sea plane reservations were full. On the other hand boating needed license to rent. Temporary license can be obtained only when u clear the exam. To clear the boating exam you need to read a book. We didn’t have enough time for any of that. All had to be finished within 5 pm. Boat rentals cost $135 per boat for 2 hours at weirs beach.


We were running out of time. Hence we quickly decided to drive to Castle in the clouds. Castle is the clouds in an old Mansion on hill top of historic value. This place has beautiful garden and an open air restaurant that offers beautiful scenic views.

IMG_0063 IMG_9276  IMG_0065IMG_0088

There was some disappointment waiting for us here too. Apparently there was some wedding happening here, and they didn’t want any disturbance from visitors. Management was ready to fully refund the ticket amount. We had to take the refund and head to horse barn. There were small and big ponies grazing . Black and grey ponies were a beauty. This place also has a small fish pond . You pay 25 cents for the fish food and feed them. You cannot see the fishes very clearly since there is no color difference between the fish and water. But feeding them is an excitement for the little kids.


After some disappointments with to do lists,Frisbee was of use for some entertainment. Home baked blueberry cobbler helped sustain hunger for little while. Sun down we drove to a mexican restaurant at Gilford for dinner. That ended beautiful summer day .


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