Beach time @ Ogunquit.


Since we are nearing end of summer, Hannah came up with the idea of fun at beach. Based on few suggestions Josh and all of us decided to go to Ogunquit beach in Maine.

All of us – Siva Ashwini, Mona Karthic , Nimi Aravind, Hannah Joshua with kids and Aunt Uncle.
On a warm sunny day , Ogunquit beach is crowded. There will be slow moving traffic and delays to reach destination. There is no free parking for entire day around here. You might get free parking for a maximum of 2 hours. Parking close to beach is $15. Parking slightly away from beach is $10.



We reached the beach a little late due to traffic on the way. Turned out it was good for us. Because of high tide, the shore of the beach was filled with water during most part of the day. There was hardly any place left to sit and spread our mats to relax.



After 5 pm in the evening it was low tide, all the water drifted back giving us lot of shore space to relax, play and build castle in the sand.

Water surprisingly didn’t feel unbearably cold. I was so glad to be in the beach waters after really long time. To my badluck I was not carrying water clothes for beach assuming water would be cold .That didn’t stop me..

IMG_7865 IMG_7837

Ogunquit is a small beautiful town with lot of Motels and lodges by the beach. The entire lane by the beach is full of places to eat and shop. Perfect place to be in summer.

By the way Ogunquit is a strange name isn’t it? It means ‘Beautiful Place by the sea’ in some Indian Abenaki language. Just before the beach , there is a place where you can see Ogunquit river meet the cold waters of the beach. That place is where you can let kids play in water. Safe zone.



Plum cake, Blueberry muffins,Coconut burfi all home baked filled our hungry stomachs.Chips to munch on, Uno  for card game and the castle building made it all worth while to spend time at the beach.

Oh by the way, whenever we go to beach, Josh always gets watermelon for all of us. It is dehydrating to be in the sun. Watermelon makes body feel hydrated and healthy.

We have fallen in love with this beach. Sure to visit this place more often in summers to come. Thanks Hannah & Joshua for beach time idea.


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