Balloons Balloons Everywhere!


The Rotary club of Pittsfield in NH conducts this hot air balloon festival every year.It is a fund raising event for the services projects in the surrounding areas. This festival runs for 3 days. You will find all information about the events on their website.



Hot air balloon festival is totally dependent on weather conditions. So check before you decide to get there. Here are the list of things you could choose to do at this festival.
1. Carry your mats and chairs to laze as long as you wish.
2. There are food stalls. Getting something to munch on is not as issue.

3. For parents with kids – There is kids play area. They had many kids rides.All you have to do is buy tickets and put them on rides. Since it is an open ground, even more fun for kids.


4. There are crafts stores if you want to shop some handcrafted things.
5.Helicopter rides for $25.
6.Watch how the these big hot air balloons are blown to full size and how they get ready to fly.

7.Wait until its dark to see the hot air balloon glow.

8.Finally festival ends with beautiful fireworks.


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