‘This car has climbed Mt. Washington’.


Isn’t is exciting to know that you can drive your car to the summit of one of the tallest mountains in the region? Have you seen the stickers on the cars that reads ‘ This Car has climbed Mount Washington’. Yes this is what I am writing about today.


Mount Washington Auto road was the place we all were set to explore . This again was planned by our master planner of trips. Karthic.Mona is the driving force since she also likes travel. Because of various other plans for long weekend, we picked to do this on Sunday.Last day of 4th july long weekend. Kartho,Mona, Ashi,Siva,ATM and Me were all set for the drive to New Hampshire.

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Mt. Washington is located at white mountain national forest .It is best known for its unpredictable weather at the summit. Make sure you check out the weather conditions before you plan to visit or hike here. I have heard it takes around 6-7 hours or more to trek up to summit of this mountain. Read more about mt. Washington here.


The drive upto the summit of mt. Washington is 8 miles from the base. You will be given all the instructions for the drive at the entrance.$28 for car with driver. Additional members have to $8/person.Once you have paid, you get an envelope with sticker, CD and instructions printed.


There is nothing to see until 4 miles up the mountain. Only after 4 miles you can see mountain peaks surrounding mt. Washington. It starts getting windy and cold. The winds are so strong that they can get you off balance. The day we went it was recorded 70-90mph . As the car climbs up, the view gets better and better.

IMG_9545 IMG_9587   IMG_9634 IMG_9647

Once you reach the summit, you get to see 360 degree view of the mountain peaks that surround mt.Washington.Clear blue sky, green mountains one behind the other form a beautiful pattern.


This place is famous among hikers. Groups of hikers were reaching up the summit and we could sense the feeling of accomplishment in them.

IMG_9584-SMILE IMG_9542

At the summit they also have cog rail that drives 3 miles down and up the mountain summit.If you want to try.

IMG_9571 IMG_9604

After having spent enough time admiring nature and its wonders, it was time for lunch. There is a snack bar at the summit. Soup was something I was looking for after being in cold winds with flu and soar throat. Hot soup and cheese pizza that is the best you get for lunch up there. Other than packed bakery stuff and normal beverages.

Driving Up and down is definitely a strain on the car. They have places to cool the breaks on the way down . The moment we reached the base of the moment , Sun could heat the car and we needed AC . Drastic temperature difference can be felt.

Note: Do not forget to carry jackets as it gets cold up there.

We plan to visit this place 2 more times. One to Hike and the other for Sunrise. Sunrise ride to summit is on July 22 and 27th for this month(July). Check out their  website for more details.


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