Bald mountain & Artist Bluff Hike!


For some reason we had nothing planned for the memorial day long weekend this year. Just when I was thinking what a waste of long weekend, Mona and Karthik came up with the long weekend plan. It was such an excitement!. Weather didn’t look that good. Forecast was rainy. Since we decided to trek, it didn’t matter if it rained. Rain trek is fun sometimes.

IMG_9028 IMG_9049

Day 1 of long weekend, We agreed upon trekking in the mountains of Franconia notch park. Franconia Notch state park is in Franconia, New Hampshire.It has many hiking trails and scenic attractions. We had no plans of driving/staying in this place for all 3 days of the weekend. Karthik had done his homework about which place we wanted to trek.


Since there were chances of rain, He had picked on a smaller hiking trail which leads to scenic views. Bald mountain and Artist bluff were 2 trails we could do for the little time we had. This trail is 1.5 miles loop. These trails are a little rocky. It gets slippery when raining. Watch out.

IMG_9033 IMG_9037

We parked right at the entrance of Bald mountain and Artist bluff trails. Some people suggest you can park at Echo lake beach parking lot. Reason being, when you are done with the trail at artist bluff, the trek down directly leads to echo lake parking lot. That way it is a little less walk.

IMG_9054 IMG_9062

IMG_9126 IMG_9107


IMG_9121 IMG_9148


We first trekked up to Bald mountain. It was drizzling with little rain. We had to be careful with slippery rocks. As we started climbing up this mountain, we could get glimpse of mountains covered in clouds. That is some motivation to climb up to the top. We had our cameras hanging around our necks, just so we don’t miss capturing the scenic views. The trek to tip of this mountain is completely rocky. Once you are up there, the 360 degree view is breathtaking surrounded by green mountains wearing cloud hat, with echo lake in the center. We spent some time relaxing and admiring the beauty of nature. Fruits and cup cakes was our lunch. After capturing views digitally we trekked down to the base.

IMG_9152 IMG_9050IMG_9082IMG_9200

Adjacent to Bald mountain trail is Artist bluff trail. Artist bluff trail is a combination of mud and rocks. At certain points it is steep.

The views from artist bluff is a closer look of the one we had seen from Bald mountain. Bald mountain has wide range. Artist bluff gives a narrower scenic view of the  same place. The mountains that we see from Artist bluff and Bald mountains are Mount Lafayette and Mount Cannon. Photographers can spend some time here click pictures from all angles. Though we were not professionals, we tried our hand clicking some beautiful pictures.


We had to rush back to the base of the mountain, since clouds started moving in and in no time it started raining heavily. We had to enjoy some rain trek on the way back.


All in all a day well spent refreshing mind body and soul.

We plan to have more visits to this place for more hiking and breathtaking scenic views.

After a tiring long day and cold rains, We were invited for soothing hot dinner at Ashwini Siva’s place.Blessing in disguise for hungry stomachs.

That completes day 1 of the memorial weekend.

Day 2 was spent at Wrentham outlet mall, Enjoying Memorial day sale and shopping!.

Day 3 ?



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