Plum Island Beach


Summer is here! Its time for beaches,fruit and vegetable pickings, camping,trekking, water parks and more. Ashwini came up with the idea of plum island beach this weekend. Combination of sand,sun and water are hard to resist. We set out to explore this beach on Sunday morning. Amit & Mansi, Siva & Ashwini, Josh and family,Aravind and I were in for some fun at the beach.

Plum Island is divided into 4 cities and towns. Newbury, Newburyport, Rowley and Ipswich. Village of Plum Island has the beaches which are in limits of Newbury and Newbury port. The area is managed by Parker river national wildlife refuge. Wild beach plum shrubs are grown here on dunes, Hence the name Plum Island beach.

IMG_7772 IMG_7774IMG_9010IMG_9020


The day pass for the car is $5.There are 6 parking lots spread along the coast of the beach. Some of these parking lots were closed. A threatened bird species called Piping plover breeds here at plum island beach. These are tiny birds. Hence the management has closed the part of the beach where these birds are likely to breed. Greenhead flies are the pest found on this beach from July onwards (Information based on reviews). Be aware of them.We didn’t experience any fly bites.Guess we were early in the season.


One can spot some wild turkey’s while driving around. When they spread their wings,its an excitement to watch. They bloat and look huge. Parking lot 6, the south end of the beach is the place you don’t want to miss. Sandy Point it is called. The picturesque place. There are lot of shells on this beach. We collected different sized shells here.

IMG_7793 IMG_7799

After some shell picking and photograph session , we headed for dinner at Spice Thai Kitchen. The drive towards Ipswich was scenic with beautiful homes and farms. The green of the summer adds to the beauty.

Pack your snacks and food when you head to this beach. No options at the beach to buy stuff to eat.


Johan,the little boy in the group, loved water and sand the most. Snacks to munch on, sand, water and sun to soak in. Frisbee and volleyball for some play, friends around all day. A beautiful day well spent at the beach.





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