DIY gift project


My title means ‘DO IT YOURSELF ‘ gift project.

This was the first time I was involved in arranging for a surprise baby shower party for two of my friends . We wanted to gift ‘to be parents’ with things needed for the baby.

As we discussed gifting ideas, Beena came up with the idea of Diaper cake. This was new for all of us.With the support of youtube and google I was confident I could make one myself. All the necessary baby items Beena got them for me. Decorative items were for me to choose.

Diaper Cake

There I was ready to make a beautiful diaper cake. Trust me any expectant mother will be over joyed to have a Diaper cake for her baby.

Make sure diaper cake has everything that could be used for new born baby. Except for the decorative stuff .

My Diaper cake has following list of items:

1.Diapers(Size 1) paper(You can use wide satin ribbons)

3.Baby Ribbons

4.Decorative bow.

5.Doll( Rattles or baby bottles can be used)

6. Baby sock(Baby shoe can be used too)

7.Base plate ( You can use any fiber plate or cake cardboard)

8.Rubber bands.

Roll the diaper and use a rubber band to make it cylindrical. Roll as many as you need . Take a bigger rubber band and fix 1 diaper roll in the center and 6 around the center diaper. Keep adding diaper rolls in circular fashion for this setting. You can make as bigger base as the plate. Your base is ready. Similarly make as many layers as you want. Decrease one circular layer as you go up the tier.

Once you are ready with cake layers. stack them up. Start decorating the layers and your Diaper cake is ready.

You can see the smile on the mother’s face when she see’s a diaper cake. I saw and it felt good.







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