Orlando this winter! – Sea World


Next on my list was the Sea World. Unfortunately it was a rainy day and since we didnt have enough time left, we had to go. On a good day one can imagine the queue at these theme parks. Pre booking tickets online might save you some time at the ticket counter.

Sea World - Rainy dayIMG_6658

Sea world as the name speaks for itself is all about aquatic life. I am a piscean and I love water. This was a place for me. Aravind had his chance to pick a place of his choice. so we were even.

You have 4 specific things to do here in sea world. 

1 Watch all the animals/mammals and birds. Talk to a person from subject matter exters and know more.
2 The roller coaster rides.
3.Pay and Feed mammals. An experience to watch and feel them up close.
4.Watch animals perform.

Dolphins I find are the cutest of all the sea animals. We might have seen them racing in the ocean. Here in sea world you can watch them up close.


Dolphin nursery is a pool where you can see new born dolphins with their mothers. The water in this pool is always swriling.
Dolphins are happy animals and they are always looks swimming around. Fast swimmers.


Every 2-3 hours there is a dolphin show. Dolphins are trained to perfom. The trainers and the dolphins are perfect with their performances.It looks amazing to watch them perform.Feels good and its a joy,pleasure and surprise sometimes. It is sad you can also see that they get their food when they perform. It feels like they won’t  get their fish if they don’t do it. I felt the trainers starve them so that they listen to them. Probably that is the way to do it.I wonder how much torture these animals go through. One of my friends Sindhu suggested I watch this documentary called Blackfish. I will check out.

Here is the google plus link for a short clip of the show.

IMG_6690 IMG_6695

Sea lions also perform trained acts. Must watch.This show was equally good.The feeling while watching the show was same. You do what I ask for and you get your food. Else you starve.


Sting ray lagoon is a pool of sting rays. You can touch and feed them too. They use their sting only for self defence. Here in the pool they are used to human touch and they know we are here to feed. They keep flapping the walls of the pool asking for food. They think we are standing to feed them.

Link for short clip

IMG_6725 IMG_6727

Sea lions/Seal pool – Here you get see the seals and sea lions.They look similar,but there are some differences.Google to know more. Sea lions are noisy. They keep making screechy sounds. That is how they communicate with each other. On the other hands seals are quiet and more in water.

IMG_6699 IMG_6722

One can notice lot of water birds with long pointed beaks around mammals. The reason is they are waiting to grab the fish. The maintenance team takes care of feeding these huge mammals carefully so that the birds don’t take away the food.

photo 5IMG_6648

Shamu is a killer whale. This mammal is also trained to perform for the shows. But for that day there were no shows for some reason. One of the whales had delivered recently.We could see them together underwater. Lovely sight.

IMG_6730 IMG_6734photo 1 photo 2

There are also a few aquariums of rescued animals. Manatee,Turtles and few fishes are rescued and placed in their natural habitats. Sea horses,dragons are such a rare species and very attractive. You can see them here. Those group of fishes swirling and moving together underwater.

IMG_8939 IMG_6679

Antarctica is a place where u can see White whales, Penguins and Polar bear. Penguins are the cuter ones. Penguins are mostly standing like statue always.It looks like they are lazy to walk around with their bloated body and small feet. They walk only to eat. This place stinks because of penguin poop and closed area.

photo 4 IMG_6711 IMG_6769 IMG_6765

Flamingos,Great Egret and many other birds are a good sight too. Free birds here always waiting to grab fish,others food.

Sea World and places like this are good for kids I guess.They enjoy and gain knowledge.We grownups start thinking how and why’s of these animals. We feel sad for them too. On the other hand if places like this didn’t exist, then we probably won’t know as much. We are human beings with brains and can talk. So we rule these captured animals for our good and pleasure.

Next some science and technology !


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