Avocado Sandwich


Avocados, I love them . They are not cooked and are eaten raw. Mostly as guacamole, salsa, or added to salad.Below  are some good nutrient values of Avocados. They are also fatty so watch out.


Nutrient value: On a weight basis, avocados have 35% more potassium  than bananas . They are rich in folic acid and vitamin K, and are good dietary sources of  vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E . Want to know more, Google is the answer.

Two Peas and their pod cooking blog had posted Avocado sandwich recipe on their blog. Modified the same recipe a little to make my version of sandwich.

Ingredients that you will need,

One ripe Avocado, one small/medium tomato,one small cucumber, 1 pod of garlic, half lemon, coriander,bread of you choice. I used 9 grain bread.

Mash ripe avocado using a fork or a masher.Finely chop garlic,tomatoes,cucumber,coriander. Mix the chopped veggies with mashed  avocado.Add lemon and salt finally.


Toast the bread on a skillet . Spread the avocado filling and slightly press the sandwich on both sides so that the spread holds the bread well together.


One avocado makes 4 sandwiches.Combine quick, easy and healthy Avocado sandwich with Orange/orange juice to have a healthy fresh beginning of a  day.


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