Bridal Cave


Bridal caves is near the town of Camdenton, on the Bank of Lake Ozark and below Mountain thunder. There is a story behind why this cave is named as Bridal Cave. Here is the story.

Bridal caveBridal Cave

Camdenton is around 150 miles from Kansas city. Half the distance from Kansas until Clinton is a normal drive. Once we cross Clinton, it is a two lane narrow road. It gets a little annoying to drive around 60 miles in these roads. Also there is a certain stretch where the road feels like curvy small roller coaster ride.

After Clinton until you reach Camdenton there is hardly any population. The area from Clinton is the place of rivers and lakes. Boating and Fishing is the attraction around this area. Not many restaurants around. So pick up something to eat, wherever you can spot a taco bell or a subway.


One cannot enter the cave without a guide. Entrance tickets costs $16 per person. Photography is allowed but you cannot touch the walls of the cave.Since this cave is all natural and keeps growing, guide said by touching the walls can get infected and stop growing. The temperature inside the cave is 60 degree Fahrenheit throughout the year.

Clear water of mystery lake 5BF14BFB-2B44-4365-974F-EE446FF293AE                                                                                                     IMG_8757 IMG_8760

This cave stands over a lake.There is a place inside the cave where you can see the crystal clear water of Mystery lake.Drops of water keeps dripping from the edges of mineral formations here. Hence the cave feels moist,cold and watery. If there was no water, guess this cave would not grow and be a rock.Cave Onyx a type of translucent rock is found inside these caves. Iron Oxide, Magnesium,lime and traces of copper are found in the walls of this cave. The authorities take preventive measures to stop algae from growing in such environment.

Pillar Formations C958D1C9-984F-4D0F-926D-453E2E1EF87B

There are pillar formations, frozen Niagara waterfall formation and an angel formation seen inside the cave. Aren’t they Natural Wonders.

Pitch darkphoto

The guide also showed how dark it would be if all the lights were to be turned off. Pitch dark. Absolutely no light anywhere.Scary.

Cave has around 4 rooms. That is how the guide navigates us. Starting with Chappel room where weddings take place. Around 2400 odd weddings have already taken place here. They have the date listed on the notice board of the visitor center for the next wedding. Then there is a long hall where you can see Niagara Falls formation, then there is the place where you can see Mystery lake, finally the dark room demonstration room.

If excavations happens, the cave might expand deeper.

People would not have dared as much to enter this cave if it was not maintained by the government authorities. If you are around, visit this natural wonder.


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