Kansas city zoo


Kansas City Zoo in the Swope park is one of the places to visit.Specially for families with Kids. Entrance ticket to this zoo is $11 for an adult.It was $5 or $6 for kids I guess. They have some discounts for people coming from counties that support the Zoo. Check before you buy tickets.Zoo has trams,trains and Sky safari rides. The ticket that includes all of these rides is $9 per person. You can as well choose to ride in one of these specific rides by paying individually.


The Zoo is walkable, kid friendly, has got rides , cafes and kids entertainment area.What else do you need in a zoo. It felt so much more better than the Washington Zoo we visited in my last trip. Infact it is no way comparable to that one.

The park is themed as two countries. Africa on one side and Australia on the other .Australia can be reached by Chik-book train. Africa can be reached by tram train.Walking is even more fun.

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Animals and birds that are harmless are kept in open. You cannot get closer to them, but look at them in their natural habitat. Some dangerous animals are caged.Variety of Antelopes, Giraffes, Polar bears, Zebras, Hippos, Rhinos, beautiful birds, some unseen species, they are all there. This place is such an excitement for kids.

My Favorites were polar bears and a huge African turtle. Polar bear can swim non stop for 60 miles. Wow!.

Huge African Turtle


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