City of Fountains – Kansas


Kansas is in the state of Missouri.A very well planned mid-western city.It is said to have  most number of fountains in the world after Rome. Wherever you look around one can spot a Fountain.

Fountain @ plaza Fountain @ plaza

One good thing about Kansas is that it has many and some of the best places to eat. Diners and Restaurants. I am saying this being a vegetarian. You can imagine how many more options a non vegetarian can have. Good place to easily gain a few pounds.


OK ! The first place we chose to visit on one weekend in Kansas is The Country Club Plaza(Also called The Plaza).Plaza is a high end shopping and hang out place.Friday evening is the best time to be in Plaza. Concerts keep happening here. For people interested in theaters, This is the place to be. In Conclusion, The Plaza is a place of  high end shops,Diners, Restaurants, pubs, coffee shops,Theaters and concerts. Go enjoy one Friday evening or on a weekend.

Nelson Atkins MuseumNelson Atkins MuseumNelson Atkins Museum  Nelson Atkins Museum

About half or one mile from Plaza is the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. This is one of the most beautiful art museum I have seen so far. This museum has a extensive collection of art. European Paintings, Asian paintings, American Paintings, Photography and the Sculptor park.This is a must see place for people interested in Painting. The entry to this museum is free. One can easily spend 3-4 hours in this Museum. Don’t Miss it.

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If you are in a mood for shopping exclusively, then head to ‘The Legends outlets’. Place where you can get good deals. They have kids play area,entertainment and restaurants.


If you are staying in Kansas for longer time, try City Market for fresh vegetables and fruits . City market also has used items sale.

Since I am here in Kansas on second visit, You will see  posts of Kansas city in days to come.


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