Last day at Yellowstone


Day 5 : Saturday

It was a lazy Saturday morning. Unlike the other 4 days when we woke up early to get ready one after the other, make and eat breakfast, pack lunch and head out for the day.We all woke up a little late this morning had coffee,tea and breakfast, disposed off all the things, cleaned the kitchen and home, packed our bags and handed over keys for final checkout. We were not coming back to this place for the day.


We all wanted to visit Old faithful Geyser one more time to see it erupt to its full height. we reached 10 mins earlier than the mentioned time. It starts erupting exactly at the mentioned time. It is such an excitement to see it. You will know the excitement when you see it. My description will not help you realize. We then visited the visitor center. I suggest please goto the visitor center without fail before you head to see any other places. It is the information warehouse. Most of the questions that keep wandering in your heads about different things you see in Yellowstone are answered here. Don’t miss it.

One place we had missed was the Biscuit Basin. It is said that biscuit basin has mineral deposits that look like biscuits. Few of us went to check that out. There were few impressive things to see around here.

IMG_8376 IMG_8377 IMG_8380 IMG_8382 IMG_8383 IMG_8389

Mona and me were a little keen on revisiting Grand Prismatic . The last time we visited there was lot of steam and everything looked foggy and unclear. We wanted to check if we can see Grand Prismatic like it was mentioned. Unless it is a clear day with less steam one cannot see its beauty.

It was 2 pm in the noon. We had to start moving otherwise we would be late to reach salt lake city to catch our flight. By 3 we had our lunch at Subway, Since there was no time for any other type of lunch. We decided to have a good dinner at PF Chang’s in salt lake city. We reached Salt Lake city at 8.45 pm. Our flight was at 11 pm. we were supposed to be there at the airport by 10 pm. Hence we returned our rental cars and headed straight to airport.No PF Chang dinner. We were to find something for dinner at the airport.Upon arrival to the airport we got to know flight is delayed by one and half hour. Damn!. We checked in all our bags. Our connecting flight at New York was surely to be missed. The only place we were left with for dinner at that time in the night was the 24-hours open MacD  How sad is that. we all picked whatever we could eat and finally boarded our flights with sleepy eyes dragging our feet.

IMG_4708 IMG_4722

We missed connecting flights at New York by 15-20 mins. Karthic , Aravind and Me had to wait 3 hours to board our next flight to Boston. 6 of the others had to wait for 6 hours. Finally we all reached Boston. Return journey turned out to be very tiresome because of all the wait time and flight delays.

All in all a good 5 days at Yellowstone. Loads of fun and Lots of sight seeing. In trips like these we get to know each other much more than we know them normally at other times.

IMG_3287 IMG_3689

Thank you all for making this trip a success. Happy photo sharing. Cheers

Good Bye until my next trip.


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