Yellowstone National Park – Day 4


Day 4- Friday

Since we had little luck spotting wildlife at Lamar Valley, We decided to goto Grand Teton National Park. The Moose Junction and Elk Refuge at Jackson Hole in Grand Teton is known for spotting Mooses and Elks.

Enroute we stopped by at West Thumb Geyser Basin. At West Thumb, Geysers line the shore of the Yellowstone River.Thermal features also occur under the bay.Their heat can melt the ice in mid winter they say. One can spot one of the most beautiful and bright colored hot spring, named The Morning Glory here.

Morning Glory Closer look at Morning Glory IMG_8169 Crater Fishing Cone Shore

After lunch at picnic area, We entered Grand Teton National Park.Grand Teton has lot of lakes with beautiful scenic views.
We first stopped by at some random scenic place. We let the view sink in, Captured it in our cameras and moved on to scene 2.

IMG_8212 photo

Scene 2 was the Jackson Lake and reservoir. One of the most beautiful scenic place.It is one of the top rated places in my list. It was just amazing.White Mountains at the backdrop,blue water and bright sunlight. We spent quite a lot of time admiring nature and taking pictures.

IMG_8231 IMG_8232

We then headed to Jenny Lake. Jenny Lake also holds the similar description as Jackson Lake. Since Jackson lake was a dam and reservoir , we couldn’t get into the water. Jenny lake gives access to water and a closer look at mountains. It was like the zoomed in version of Jackson lake. Water in the lake is freezing cold. Ashwini, Aravind, Vicky and Divya tried their best to stay in water for few minutes. I tried too, a bit later. I am not too much of cold tolerating person. They had a competition of who can keep their foot in water for long. First prize went to Dr.Divya, Runner up was Aravind. Cold water numbs your feet. Careful.

IMG_8280 Jenny Lake IMG_8288 IMG_8290

After having felt refreshed with freezing cold water, We headed to Moose Junction. Starting point of the place where one could possibly find Mooses. Hard luck,didn’t find any. We then drove to Elk Refuge at Jackson hole. we could spot couple of elks. Disappointment  Upon enquiring, an old lady walking by the valley told us that they have migrated already. We drove until the end of valley, Just to try our luck. We didn’t find any.

Having disappointed we started to drive back. It was a long journey back home from Jackson Hole. We finally reached home at 10 pm. Dinner, Discussions,Talks and to- do’s for the last day of stay at Yellowstone.

We also had a session of checking out the much awaited photographs from Siva’s camera. Karthic got all the accolades for his most photogenic postures.

Good night.


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