Yellowstone National Park – Day 3


Day 3 – Thursday

Itinerary for day 3 included going to Lamar Valley to spot some wild-life and visit Mammoth hotspring .  We also wanted to trek for few miles on one of the shortest trails. Unfortunately the trail we wanted to go was closed and would open only in the last week of may. So trek was cancelled .

It is said that in order to spot wildlife one has to goto Lamar valley either at sunrise or after sunset. Animals don’t like sunlight. Apparently they come out in sunlight only for water and sometimes for food. Hence we decided to leave home early. Earliest we could make it to the valley was by 9 am. It was bright and sunny . We could only see herds of Bisons everywhere. Either grazing or sleeping. We could see few calves this time. One other common animal around is Elks.

IMG_0167 IMG_0172IMG_0083 IMG_0193

Since we were not fortunate enough to spot wild animals we did some photoshoot in couple of scenic places and left.

At the end of Lamar valley we stopped by at a picnic place for lunch.Lunch today was Tomato Rice and Dal rice with some crunchy snacks to go with it. Flavored yogurt for dessert.

The picnic area was the house of ground squirrels . There were lot of burrows on the ground. Since we were having lunch they were attracted. Not sure if it was the smell of the food. They started peeping out of the burrows and running around. It was really a cute scene to see them run around for food. By the way it is advised not to give food to animals in the forest . They becomes aggressive on not getting enough of it. I didn’t know and gave them some banana chips. Here is the video of how cute they were.

Once the squirrel show ended, it started drizzling . We packed up and left the place.


We were driving to mammoth springs next . While in Lamar valley we spotted some Pronghorns . White body and brown patch.We couldn’t see their horns, not sure if they were shed. I tried not to disturb them. At some point they did notice me in the bushes and walked away. I was sorry to have disturbed them during their resting time.


As we continued to drive through the valley, at one place we again saw people with powerful lensed cameras. This time it was black bear lazying at a distance. This bear was at a better distance when compared to grizzlys we saw previously. There was no sign of black bear coming any closer, hence we left the place.

IMG_4031 IMG_4033 IMG_4041 IMG_4056

We soon reached Mammoth hot springs. This is one other unique attraction. This hotspring mostly looks white. Aravind was saying, had this place been in India people would name it as mini kailash Parvath because of the white color.

Most part of Mammoth  hotspring  looks white because of calcium carbonate(lime) deposits. Few other colors like peach, orange and
light brown add to the beauty of the spring.

That was it for day 3.We reached home early in the evening.We had more time to chat. Coffee, tea,Maggi, Game of cards(bluff)Dinner, Plan for next day and sleep.


Day 4 to be continued….


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