Yellowstone National Park – Day 2


Day 2:Wednesday


After Breakfast, Our first stop was at Gibbon Waterfalls.We admired the nature and waterfall, Clicked pictures and off to next destination.

IMG_9880 IMG_9888 IMG_9889  IMG_9904 IMG_9896IMG_9937IMG_9915IMG_9917

Next in the queue was the Norris Geyser Basin. This is the Hottest,Colorful and most acidic hydrothermal area of the park.We did a boardwalk to see Fumaroles and hot springs. We could see colors like Blue,Green Red and Orange around here. Blue indicates the hottest temperature followed by green and other colors.

Quick stop at a picnic area for lunch.Menu was Puliyogare with Boiled eggs and Banana Chips.

After heavy lunch, we drove through Hayden Valley to visit Mud Volcano.By now most of us were sleepy. We were also bored of Geysers and breathing sulphur eveywhere. This place was a little different from all others we saw.

IMG_9950 IMG_9946

It was mentioned that Mud Volcano just spewed mud on treetops years ago shaking the ground everytime it erupted.Two years later it was a pool of bubbling muddy water. Mud Volcano smells like Rotten eggs because of the Hydrogen Sulphide gas rising from Yellowstone’s Magma chamber beneath the surface.Microorganisms use this gas as source of energy and convert Hydrogen Sulphide to Sulphuric acid.Sulphuric acid breaks down the rock and soil to Mud. Such intense is the chemical reaction.


One other impressive looking hot spring here was Dragon Mouth Spring. Some visitor named this hotspring in 1912. Water ghushed out of the hole which resembled the lashing of Dragon’s tongue hence it was named Dragon Mouth.For now we could see steam ghushing out making roaring sound.Probably water was hitting the walls of the cave inside.

IMG_0010 IMG_9966 IMG_9971 IMG_9972

After inhaling enough of rotten egg smell, we drove past the frozen yellowstone lake to Lake Butte Overlook. One can see the entire frozen yellowstone lake from this Point. Including the snow capped mountains at the back drop. Everything looked white since the lake was frozen. We could see couple of heads peeping out of frozen lake at a distance.Some of us guessed them to be the heads of sea lions.


After Having enjoyed some fresh cold air we drove back to Fishing Bridge to capture some scenic beauty.Scene was a combination of Bridge,River,Blue sky, Pine trees and snow capped mountains at far distance. Beautiful.

We drove to Canyon Village next. Just as we crossed Fishing Bridge we saw lot of cars parked on either side of the roads. People stood their with tripods and high end cameras. We stopped assuming people are spotting some wild animals. Yes! there they were. 2 grizzly bears, having their lunch. They were grazing at far distance. It is always adviced not to go closer to wild animals.They feel insecure and attack.It is their territory after all. I approached one of the photographer who was shooting these bears with high end camera. I could finally see Grizzly through that lens. He was kind enough to show Grizzles to all of us. Satisfied, we continued driving to Canyon Village.

IMG_0052 photo 4

Canyon Village has the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Upper Waterfall and Lower waterfall flow through these canyons.It is said that hot Water acting on Volcanic rock created the canyon colors and weakened the rock,which the Yellowstone river is eroding.

IMG_0022 IMG_0024 IMG_0033 IMG_0047

We first stopped by at Uncle Tom’s Point to catch a glimpse of Upper falls. Waterfall looks majestic with sound of gushing water. Looking down the Uncle Tom’s point the depth of the valley is scary. After having captured Upper falls we did 1/4 mile walk to Artist Point. We could catch a glimpse of Canyon rocks and lower fall.We didn’t dare to walk ahead as it was slippery due to snow. Most of the trails were closed since the snow had not melted down completely. We then drove south along the canyon junction for some spectacular view of the canyon and waterfall. Captured all the views possible. We were tired by then and done for the day.

Reached home. Refreshed ourselves with some tea and coffee. Itenary was announced by Vicky for the next day. We all followed our leader faithfully as instructed.
Cooked some dinner. Everything tastes yummy when hungry. That is what happened to all of us. Eveything tasted good.

Small talks and laughs, Browsing with ipads and phones we all slept cozily .

Good Night.


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