Wanderers of Lynn


Nikhil – Arvind’s good friend and an ex-colleague included us in his day trip to Lynn.Nikhil is a techie guy always on his feet with nexus.You can always see him finding routes, places of interests and eateries on his phone .It wasn’t just the 3 of us discovering the new place . Nikhil had teamed up few of his Cisco colleagues as well.

IMG_4368 IMG_4399

Lynn is around 22 miles from Tewksbury.We drove to Tewksbury to catch up with Nikhil and company .

Our destination for the first day of the spring was Lynn.


Three main attractions of Lynn are ,

Lynn woods reservation.
Lynn state heritage park waterfront.
Lynn beach/ nahant island.

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Our first stop was at Lynn woods reservation. This is the 2nd largest forest municipal park in the US. This place is for trails, hiking,horse riding, mountain biking and nature walk. The area of Lynn woods is around 30 square miles. Hence be careful not to get lost in the woods.

9FEF5094-0FF4-4FB9-8913-6DA26659B8BC IMG_4343

The best trail for nature walk is along the Walden pond. The view of the pond with some melting snow was worth spending time on. You can never avoid capturing such natural beauty. Hence the photo session. We spent lot of time clicking pictures. There is also a stone monument . It was used to keep check on forest fire. As told by one of the professors visiting the place. Since the place is not green yet, we could see Boston skyline far away.


People at Lynn are very friendly. Fortunately most of them we met seem to have some connection with India. One was a professor who studied in Boston. He told us a little story.He had an Indian friend who didn’t find a job here. But was very welcomed back in India, having studied abroad.He wishes to visit that friend in India sometime.The other white guy we met on the trail was an old man with 2 dogs. Studied in Missouri. Plans to visit India sometime too.People in Lynn seemed to be familiar with Indian faces.They were approachable and willing to strike a conversation.

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Alright the next stop was the State heritage park waterfront. All we did was walk along the waterfront. It was quite windy and freezing cold because of waterbody around. Sun wasn’t helping us much. Nobody was patient to go visit the museum at the park. Hence we walked back to drive to next destination.

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One last attraction to be covered was the cliff at Nahant Island. Nahant island is connected to Lynn by a long bridge with water on either sides. View from the cliff is scenic. Look around and it’s all blue. Water everywhere. Captured all of it in our cameras. Cold breeze and we were freezing again.


I assume this place will be even more beautiful when trees are green. Go visit Lynn on a summer day. Green and blue. Worth spending a day.

We headed out to Boston airport to drop one of the members of the team. Then a relaxing chai session at Nikhil’s place with Big Bang theory on Tv.

Warm and bright day of spring fully Utilized.


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