Sun – An Inspiration


Ever wondered why it feels good on a bright warm sunny day ?People staying in places where weather changes are so distinctively visible understand this feel good factor. Goose bumps, cold feet , chilled breeze, heaters all day,Moisture draining cold,ahh..Its just not pleasant to suffer through this everyday. I am sure most of you don’t like such effects in winter. We stay in such conditions for close to 4 months.


Today, as I am writing this post, am sitting on a bench facing the warm sun in my apartment complex . The warmth of the Sun is such an inspiration for a Tropical girl like me. Much needed natural vitamin D for my hair and body 🙂

Back in India, We don’t have distinctive seasons.Winter in north is felt severely. In south the winter cold is negligible. For Indians,uneven rainfalls and humidity is something we get to experience more often.

In US, winters are gloomy because of no sun. Mornings are dull and lazy. Sunrays which are supposed to activate you for for the rest of the day goes missing.


Hope my day stays bright and warm. And wish you bright n beautiful day . Good Morning.


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