Indian City to US Suburb


Ok! this is not about people who move to US with jobs. I am talking about those women who come as dependents with their husbands. It is about people who move from a buzzing city life like B’lore to a suburb in US.

Many of the women who get an opportunity to come to US for the first time have great expectations about living in the US. The excitement is even more high when we are newly wed. Let me compare and tell you what most women go through specially if you don’t have a job or kid.

Little piece of advise. Never get your women to US for the first time in Winter. Winter here in US can be very cold, freezing, chilling. If you ask me to describe this in one word, it is depressing. I came in around December, when day and nights are skewed and there were no trees with leaves. Sun hardly shows up.

I went into depression for 3-4 months when I first came here. We are used to waking up to the shining sun in tropical places like India. It feels like the day has not begun without it. That is the very first reason for depression I guess.


Secondly, not all get an opportunity to move to a Major City, like NYC or SFO when they come to US.Living in major Cities  can be unaffordable. And hence many would be forced to stay away from the city and into suburbs. Though living could be expensive, there is life.

Let’s admit. We all need human interaction on a daily basis. In the suburbs you may find an affordable place to stay but you have to keep looking outside the window to even spot people, forget talking to them.  It feels like a Zombie land.

Third, Transportation . Can you just walk out and take any means of transport to say pick up groceries or catch a movie ? No . You cannot.I am not talking about places like New York ,Chicago and Boston downtown’s which has transportation facilities like subways and T’s.

The suburban setting is different. There is no convenient means of transport. It has to be a Car. No Activa or a rickshaw. If you don’t have a car you cannot step out. Period. Unless the place you want go is at a walking distance from  your home which is very rare.

These can be testing times for a newly relocated couple. Women need lot of support from a partner during these difficult times. Especially when you are thousands of miles away from close friends and family. I guess women go through a period of compromising their career and sometimes even sacrifice. I only wish they discover their true calling in this period of emptiness in life abroad.


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  1. Very well written. Guess now when u have spent some time there and have seen seasons, you must be discovering ur true calling to make life more colorful! Curious to read Aru’s thoughts on this:)

  2. Nice post. In order to set the right expectations, one needs to understand the individualistic nature of the society of US and the emphasis on independent living. Of course, only after experience of visiting and staying in US you really get to understand that. A drivers’ license goes a long way in coping with it.

    • Driver’s License! You bet. Expectations are finally settling with experience after having lived for more than a year. There are so many women out there who have no idea, just like it was for me.

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