Colorful Fall at St Louis


Since we were in Kansas city for 2 weeks now, I was feeling sad about missing fall colors back in white mountains .  But I guess we made up for it in St Louis.

St Louis is one of the biggest city in the state of Missouri. There are lots of places to see here. You will need slightly more than a weekend to cover the place . If you don’t not have so many days in hand for vacation, weekend will do.

One attraction nobody should miss is The Gateway Arch. It is one of the magnificent monuments made in steel.It is also called the gateway to the American mid west. The area around the Arch is well maintained. Right opposite to the Arch is the river Mississippi . the Gateway Arch also has a lift which takes you to the top of the Arch. Since we had gone off hours we didn’t take the lift to observatory.

St Louis has a public park . its called Forest park. It is bigger than the Central Park of New York by 500 acres. Since it is the fall season we got to see lovely fall colors in the park. There are beautiful fountains. They have fun fests every season for kids and elders. Then there is Jefferson history museum, an Art museum, A zoo, stadium for sports . All within the park.

The park also has Municipal place(The Muny) where various concerts are organsied. Forest Park is a great place for joggers which offers fresh
air and beautiful colors this season.

The City Garden near the Gateway Arch was a disappointment. You can see this place when you are passing by. I hope there is no other city
garden than the one I am mentioning near the Arch.

The Delmar loop is one of the streets for the teens to hang out. Place to eat and of course the pubs and restaurants . The street was not upto my taste.

St Louis is the home of the Bud Light Beer. It has its own brewery in this place. You can also take a tour of the brewery if you are interested.

I found the city beautiful and even more so when it is a season of fall.


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