The story of India – Micheal Wood


Wondering what the title is all about. The story of India is the documentary made by historian and  broadcaster Micheal Wood.

Documentaries are something I love to watch. They are so real.Discovery and national geographic channels are always my favorites .

Most of you might have already watched it. I might be late to watch this now. It was made in 2007. Thanks to Netflix . It’s got this documentary and many other interesting ones.

Reason I chose to write about this is the way  Mr.Wood has presented and shown India to the world. When you sit to watch this documentary, As an Indian I feel so proud to see how well Indian history is presented. Of course the slums cannot be overlooked or neglected when it comes to India. Most of our places are not rich looking for many reasons.

About Mr.Wood – The first thing you notice about him is his ever smiling charisma . Not one moment you get to see anything other than smile on his face. Wherever he is in whatever situation or surroundings.

Throughout the documentary he interacts with the most ordinary people leading their day to day lives. He manages to communicate with people
who don’t understand English. He lived and looked like one of us Indians with the towel around his neck. He never behaved like a foreigner.  Most of the times you can notice him with a glass of chai that we get on street bandi’s.  It didn’t matter how people looked and lived in India. Instead he became one among us. He so beautifully explains the history of India. He has travelled extensively in India.Documentaries show places like Madhuri, Calcutta , Patna, Mathura, Kerala to name a few .

I lived in Blore and I am a south Indian. When I look at places like Mathura, Madhuri , I cannot say its a clean place. No offense it’s a religious place. Mr.Wood shows how rich culture and history this place has. The history of spice and silk routes. The history behind Buddhism and Hinduism. History about how kings ruled and left their traces. I just fell in love with the way he has presented the facts about India. Please watch to realize what an amazing presentation it
is about India. And what it means to concentrate on the Subject .Thank you Mr.Wood.

Mr. Wood – I hope some day you come across this piece of appreciation and see how grateful and proud we are of you.


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