Martha’s Vineyard


I somehow don’t have a very good feeling writing about this place. Martha’s Vineyard was not what I expected it to be. Also we could not spend enough time here, That could be the reason. Anyway here is some information about the place.

Martha’s Vineyard is an Island with silent shores. No gushing waves in the sea shore. People spend hours lazing, playing,relaxing in these silent shores. Absolutely no waves on the sea shore.
We started off on a lazy Sunday morning. After 2 hours of drive we reached Vineyard at half past 1 in the noon. This Island can be covered in 2 days time. We could see Oak Bluffs and Edgartown in a day.

Since Martha’s Vineyard is an Island, You have to take a ferry from Woods Hole. One best option in these ferries is that you can load your car into the ferry and take it to the Island for local commute.Round trip tickets for cars in ferry is $130. Other option is to park your car at Palmers Avenue ferry parking. Costs $12 for 24 hrs .24 hrs parking ends at 12pm in the night. No matter what time you have parked.From the parking lot there are shuttles for pick up and drop from  ferry departure place.

Steamship Authority provides transport by ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. Round trip ticket for the ferry costs $16. It takes 30 mintues to reach the Island. The port where boat docks is called Vineyard Haven. Since we had just half day to spend, we hired mopeds from rental shops. . Moped rental for 4 hrs is $75 dollars. Expensive.

One other atraction in this place are Lighthhouses.

The best thing to do in Vineyard is to book a cottage. Laze in the shores. May be rent a bicycle to go around.I will need one more visit to cover the Island. Day was not enough.


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