Acadia on 4th of July


Day 1

On 4th July 2012, American Independence Day, being mid of the week – we decided  we take two days off and head out to Acadia. Acadia national park in the state of Maine.

Mithuna, is our guest to the trip this time. You know other three. White Rented Chevy Impala is our cart.

Acadia National Park is situated at Bar Harbor,Maine.
The well known event at Bar Harbor on 4th of July are the Fireworks. Fireworks happen in many places here in US on July 4th. Anytime you get an opportunity to watch fireworks closer to your place, do not miss it.It is beautiful to see the sparkling colors up in the sky at the sea shore.

Bursting fire crackers is otherwise illegal here in US. Hence people do not want to miss the view of bursting crackers in large scale. Weather that day was cloudy,raining and cold. The view of crackers bursting with grey sky background is not as spectacular like with black sky background.Its definitely worth watching whatever is the color of the sky in the night.

Day 2

Weather was no good when we woke up next morning.It got better after breakfast . It was time for next best task to do in Acadia. Biking.Before we started biking on trail, we made a quick stop at a small park.

There are lot of cycling trails in Acadia National Park. These trails lead to the most scenic views amongst thick green mountains. Most of these trails lead us to lakes sourrounded by green mountains.

Blue sky, few white clouds,water and green mountians around lake.How does that sound. Scenic, Beautiful,Breathtaking,fresh these are the words that describe the joy of being there. The feeling itself is so calm and peaceful. People can choose cycling or walk up the trail. There are free buses that drive people to the Lakes.Bike rental costs $21.

There are easy,moderate and tough trails one can choose. We chose the moderate trail that leads to Jordan Lake. It was time for stamina and energy test. For people who dont work out regulary, its not easy cycling. We had to stop often to regain energy.we realised our fitness levels by the time we reached destination.Cycling up the mountain is strenous.Slopes makes you feel in the air.Sweating and huffing we reached Jordan Lake.

Just like I described above the natural scene was waiting for us to witness. After breathing in the freshness with feets in cold water, Stomach started growling. Pond house is the only eating place .People who stay there all day long pack sandwiches and snacks. We waited for 40 mins after reservation. It was that crowded. Food here was amazing. Popovers(on the house) muffins are baked fresh and served with butter and strawberry jam.Yummmm.

We did not have time and energy to ride the bicycle back to our hotel. So we took the bus. These buses have cycle stands in the front and rear. Tuck the cycles to the stand and hop in. After a short nap we freshened up for sunset point on Cadillac mountain.

Drive up to Cadillac mountain is a scenic view. Stop by whereever you get place to park. click pictures. After reaching the mountian top , its time to get the floor mats,snacks and Cameras out. Speard the mat in the best possible place. Sit and relax while the sun is yet to go down. Enjoy the cold breeze and snacks. As the sun starts to set amongst grey coulds or clear sky,its time to capture the blazing orange sun in the camera.A view that is worth waiting. For miles you can see mountains and lakes around. Just amazing. After all the photoshoot,It was time for Dinner. This completes day 2. Tiring but mesmerising.

Day 3.

We just had half day more to spend here.Park loop drive was on the to do list. Park loop is one big circle in Acadia National Park. To enter the park loop road, Private vehicle owners have to pay $20. First stop on this loop is Sand beach. Beach with blue water in the center and green mountains on either sides. This is a busy beach.Parking gets a little difficult.This was the first time I was stepping in beach water after 7 months in US.Water felt freezing. Atleast for the Indian skin. People were enjoying sun bathing and cold beach water.Children busy making sand sculptures.

There are lot of cliffs by the shore line.Stop by whereever you like to enjoy the beauty. It is a feast to eyes in such places.

After heavy lunch at Bar Harbor, we headed back on US 1 route.A Pleasant drive.

Thanks to Rob and Amit. The information they shared with us about Acadia was helpful and handy.


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