Aunt with Torch!


One important place we were left with on day 3 was Aunty with torch.That is what Naveen kept saying untill we visited her.

Statue of liberty is standing on an Island in the sea. There are ferries that take you to the island. It costs $13 without audio tour. You can take the

ferry either from New York or from New Jersey. The ferries from New York are generally very crowded when compared to the ferries from New Jersey.

We all boarded the ferry from NJ. There is a quick stop at the museum.You can choose to get down and go around the museum. Another ferry
will pick you up from museum to the island after 40 mins. We didnot have time for museum.Hence skipped.

We reached the statue of liberty island. It is the next stop after museum. Here again you have 40 mins to get back to ferry. We went around statue of liberty. Captured Aunty in our cameras. Posed with Aunty too.

Statue of Liberty is built with copper. The reason it looks green now is due to the continuos exposure of copper to air resulting in a process called oxidation. The process of layer formation is patination. It is said that it took nearly 30 years for the statue to  turn green.

Sun as usual drained us with its heat. We got back to the shore at NJ by 2. We had to leave NYC before the traffic congestion starts. Hence we were back on roads to destination with quick stops for lunch and coffee.

This  ends the story of a long weekend on the memorial day. 28th May 2012.


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