New York!


The moment we stepped into the streets of New York, the first thing any person would do is look up high. High rise buildings is the first view of New York.

New york is an Island and is connected to New Jersy and Brooklyn on either side. New york got its name after the 17th century Duke of York ,James stuart of England and Scotland. New york city is the most populated city in US.It is also the financial hub and the largest gateway for immigration in US.

Just like Bangalore from where I come, New york city is also Cosmopoliton. People from all over the world have immigrated to this place. It attracts people for variety of job opportunities.

New york as a city is not that clean. After living in suburbs of Boston ,NY was not appealing to me. A bottle of water costs same as an areated drink.$2.5.

New york city has lot of attractions. It is a bad idea to cover them all in a day. 2-3 days is a must to cover the city sight seeing. Main attratcions are Statue of Liberty,Times Square, Empire state building,NY stock exchange, 5th avenue,Central park,Brooklyn bridge and 9/11 memorial(Freedom tower).

Central Park is a place to spend some relaxing time. It is a big park at the heart of the city with fountain and ponds. Best way to relax here is to lay flat on the grass land looking at the sky. If you are worried about insects and flies in the grass carry a mat along. An ideal spot for picnic.

Brooklyn bridge is another place to walk. It is a long bridge. You can either choose to walk or do cycling. View from the centre of the bridge is an attraction. River flows underneath the bridge. Above the river and below the bridge is road to drive. From Brooklyn bridge you can also see Manhattan Bridge.

5th Avenue is one long street. Heaven for window shoppers. Nobody would want to miss the Apple store here. You get to see many other expensive branded outlets. This place also has largest Macy’s store.A 10 storied building. Be aware while you shop around here.Taxes.

Around the same place is the Empire state building. We could not get to the observatory. Waiting time here was 3 hours in the normal queue which costs $23 . Express or fastlane costs you $50. Waiting time for fastlane is an hour.We could not afford 3-4 hours at this place.

Next and the last for the day was Times Square. There was lot of excitement to see Times square. Time Square is basically an ad world. Turn around in any direction you see huge Ad banners. Bright and flashing ads. Expensive resturants and eatries. Time square is all about hanging out amongst flashing, colorful lights and people. If this sounds exciting Times square is a place for you to hang out.

We also paid visit to NYSE, wall street ,9/11 memorial(Freedom Tower) and famous bull in the morning.

Utsav, Indian resturant at Time Square is the place we had our dinner. Food wasnt that great. Made for American taste not Indian. New york city feels scary and unsafe in the night.

We dragged our feet back to hotel at 1 AMin the night. That was too much for a day. It was an exhausting day when sore feet wept.


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  1. Few people had mentioned about your blogs & I myself had read one about a trek of yours. You have a special gift of stating things Nirmala. This is done very well. I enjoyed this reading this post 🙂

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