Gurudwara and Canoeing.


I am not a Punjabi. But I love their food. We all like high calorie food.It is always tastier than the no so tasty healthier food. I am one of them. Food apart.

Gurudwara is a worship place for Punjabis and Sikhs . Not that other community people are not welcome. We were invited indirectly by Kamal . Mandeep,a friend of Kamal had volunteered for sponsering food service at Gurudwara this weekend .The occasion was his daughters 1st Bday. They are twins . Very cute. We realized this only when we met them at lunch.

We were a bit late by the time we reached and missed the main Pooja paath.The taste of the food served was native to Punjab . Never had I tasted such yummy food around in any restaurants. People who serve food are all volunteers. Selfless service. Very impressive. We met Kamal’s family and Mandeep’s family.Some small talks. It was nice seeing Punjab of India at Milford .

After having driven a certain distance from our village Chelmsford to Milford we wouldnt want to miss on any attractions around. Thanks to GPS we found Hopkinton state park nearby.

The view of tender green leaves on trees with sunlight penetrating is such a feast to eyes.The attraction in this park is a pond. People go to this park for a small picnic outing or a barqueue or boating. They do have a boat renting office where you can rent boats(Kayaks and canoes). People come with their personal boats too. We rented a Canoe for 3 people.Cost is $20 for an hour.

I was the queen of the Canoe sitting in the center balancing. Arvind at the rare end for directions . Raghav in front of the canoe for coordination to control sailing.Arvind has sketched the trick to get the Canoe sailing in the correct direction.

Beautiful sunny day with two men sailing the boat was such a pleasure for me. Thanks to both of you.

We were back home after some grocery and veggie shopping.Dinner was at Raghav’s place with a movie “Today’s Special”. Long sunny Sunday.


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  1. For me…Its amazing to see how well they preserve their ponds and tress…no wonder we are a dusty and a under developed country for the west…cant imagine a Hopkinton in India.. Forget boating… you would have no entry their as they would have built Villas and row houses and sold for crores:-)

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