Musical evening – Kalatarangini


This Sunday,on a rainy evening we went to experience some Indian Carnatic music in Waltham organized by Kalatarangini group.We were informed about the event through NEKK organisation. Padma Bhushana sangeetha kalanidhi Dr.R.K.Srikantan was to perform here this evening.

It was told that there had been workshop conducted in the previous week for the children to perform on this day. It was such a pleasure to see American desi children sing carnatic music and play mridangam,flute and keyboard so perfectly. There were 8 songs performed by 3 separate groups and 2 songs by all groups together. At the end Dr.R.K.Srikantan performed for 3 hours . A man singing for 3 hours at the age of 92 is commendable.

Glimpse of Dr.R.K.Srikantan’s performance

Glimpse of Children performing

This was the first time I attented a carnatic music concert and enjoyed it thoroughly . Thanks to Arvind’s interest in music that pulled us to this concert. It’s such a pleasure to see Indian music in America. We got to see the Indian community of carnatic musical families. In contrast to the head banging concept for rock music I could notice head swinging when carnatic music was performed.Enjoying music by seeing and hearing people perform is a pleasant feeling in itself.


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