How to make Seeme Badnekayi Gojju


Seeme Badnekayi in english is called Chayote Squash.Its a native of Mexico.

Somehow my mom never cooked this vegetable back home. After moving to B’lore wanted to try cooking this vegetable,but didnt. Once I was married my mother in law gave some guidance on cooking seeme badnekayi palya. Wasn’t a great hit.

Now when I am here in US, I thought I should try . Found some nice and quick recipes on net. One of which I tried was this gojju.
1. Lightly peel off the external cover of seeme badnekayi and chop them in cubes.

2.Boil with salt and tumeric.

3.Once the pieces are soft and cooked, add tamrind juice and a spoon of jaggery powder.

4.Dry roast 4 spoons of Chana dal,1 spoon methi seeds, half a spoon jeera, 4-5 dry red chillies. once roasted grind all the ingredients with coconut and water into paste.
5.Add this mixture to cooked seeme badnekayi mix and cook for 5 minutes with enough water. Gravy becomes thick as it boils. Let it cook for another 5 minutes.

6.Later it can be tampered with hing,curry leaves and mustard in oil to enhance taste.


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