The Elms Mansion – Rhode Island


Rhode Island is a place with luxurious mansions. These mansions were built by few of the rich americans in yester years. As years passed these mansions were taken over by The Preservation Society of Newport. Ever since they have been maintaining them for furture generations.

We joined Mahesh and Vaishali this weekend to Rhode Island. They had already visited The Breakers Mansions before.Breakers Mansion is a more royal mansion than The Elms. Also there is a cliff walk by the beach close to The Breakers Mansion. The Elms is known more for its Garden. Since spring has just started not many colors to see.

We reached Newport Information center at Newport, Rhode Island. Enquired about the Mansions we could go to see at this time of the year. The lady at the center suggested we goto The Elms. We bought tickets and then reached The Elms Mansion. They have free parking.

At the entrance of The Elms Mansion, they would check for tickets. Then they will give us a small tape with headphone for audio commentary of the place. The tape has the history of the mansion recorded in detail. One can choose to listen the entire history about the mansion in 30 minutes. Photography is not allowed inside the mansion.

The Elms was owned by Mr and Mrs Edward Julius Berwind of Philadelphia and New York.Mr Berwind was a rich american who had made a fortune in coal industry.Back in the times when there were no taxes, the rich people invested lot of money in building the mansions. They used to live in these mansions only during the summer. This mansion is based on french artchitecture.
The Elms Mansion has an entrance, Library,A garden room,ball room, dining room and Breakfast room on the first floor. 7 bedrooms with baths,sewing room on the second floor. The third floor was for the maids and servents. The Basement had massive kitchen and the switch board that controls the intercomm and electricity of the house. The Elms was the first Mansion equipped with electricity in Newport.

Mr.Berwind had invested approximately $1.4 million to construct The Elms in 1901. In todays economy this is $31 million.
Mr. Berwind died in 1936 and Miss Julia continued to summer at The Elms until her death in 1961, at which time the house and most of its contents were sold at public auction. The Preservation Society of Newport County purchased The Elms in 1962 and opened the house to the public. In 1996, The Elms was designated a National Historic Landmark.

Next we moved onto The Breakers Mansion. We had not purchased ticket for this.Hence we just had a glance of how it looks from the outside. It was breezy and cold day. Mahesh suggested we see the cliff walk by the beach. we headed towards the beach. It would have been pleasant to walk by the cliff had the weather been good. There is always a second time.


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