You think skiing is easy?


Karthic made plans to ski this weekend.He found some discount for Ragged Mountain resort in Danbury,New Hampshire. This time it was Karthic, Raghav,Srinivas,Aravind and Me

Karthic had some experience skiing. He has learnt it over time. Srinivas was good with snow boarding. This is his 2nd year of snow boarding. Hence good. Raghav had taken lesson 2 years ago but had never been to ski after that. He was better than Aravind and me.

So we were all excited. We all got into Karthic’s car and drove to the resort with a stop at Dunkin donuts for quick breakfast. Raghav loves Dunkin hence I use the sentence  “Raghav  runs on Dunkin”. This resort is around 66 miles to the north of Chelmsford. As we get closer to the resort there are approach roads to the place. Mud roads and the proper tar roads. Drive a few miles extra to catch the tar road on higway. Mud roads arent good.

Srini got ready with his boots ,gloves and other accessories for snow baording. We 4 rented the accessories for $36( half day). We were supposed to return them by 4.15pm.we started around 11am on ski ground.

It starts like this. Go to rental shop. Fill in the application form with all the details. Pay them. Based on your shoe size and experience in skating, they will give you ski boots. we were all beginners, so we got these heavy boots with instructions to wear them. We all struggled and finally wore them. I felt like a robot walking with those shoes. Somebody actually described how I was walking. ” You look like those kids who wear the shoes for the first time and are getting adjusted to them”

After shoes we collected the ski poles and ski’s. It is hard to walk with those shoes. Once we were out, we tucked the skis to the shoes and took the ski poles support to slide.
It is always good to wear ski tracks and gloves for skiiing. I was wearing jeans. It gets damp every time you fall. Helmet wasnt necessary for us as we’re skiing near flat slopes

Kathic Srinivas and Raghav were around to help both of us to get started. Arvind was getting good at training his mind to slide and not walk. He learnt to break while skiing better than me. There is a term they used for break. It’s called Pizza. Because of the shape of sliced pizza.
I fell not less than five times. Trust me its hard to get up when you fall with the ski poles,skis and boots. Except Arvind other 3 boys where around to make me stand up again. But it gets better as we keep trying.

We broke for lunch. Yummy Veg pizza’s. It was fresh and tasty. Post lunch we did another hour of Ski. It was better in the second half as we were getting hang of it. We returned all the ski accessories by 4.30pm and drove back.

It was St.Patricks day 17th March. We were passing through Manchester. After a tiring day boys decided to stop by for a drink. Sreeni found a place on google. It is called Strange Brew Tavern. We drove downtown. It was a pleasant evening on St.Patricks day. People were out on streets having good time celebrating and all dressed in green.
The Brew place was crowded. we got in. Unfortunately we didn’t see any non-whites there. We grabbed a drink and walked out in half an hour. Srini had a brief racial encounter with a bartender.
We had to get back by 8.30pm for a friends B’day celebration. It was Rajesh’s wife Bhargavi’s B’day. We all celebrated her B’day and headed back to our nests by 11.30pm.
Long eventful day.


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