National Heritage Museum – Lexington


On a lazy Saturday morning after breakfast ,

Arvind suddenly says “lets goto Concord Museum”.
Nimi : why Concord museum came to your mind suddenly.
Arvind : I remember driving to that place while I was in US previously. It’s a beautiful place.Lets go.
Nimi : Ok

Weather wasnt very good this day. Windy and cold. We drove to Concord past Billerica and Bedford . The drive from Chelmsford to Concord is a pleasant one. Beautiful residential countryside. After we reached Concord museum Arvind realizes this was not the museum he had visited. We went Inside Corcord Museum to get the details. The admisson fee there is $10. It was a small museum. We enquired about the Heritage museum Arvind was talking about. It was in Lexington and not Concord. The old lady at the reception gave us direction to reach Lexington Visitor center. Following Lexington Visitor center would help us reach the museum.
Lexington is the place with history ,connected to Boston. Lexington and Concord were the places where the first military engagements took place in American Revolutionary war.

It is said that British had defeated India and France in wars, which costed them alot of Money. They decided to recover this money from the colonies and started imposing tax on the colonists in America. People of Boston were most outspoken and violent in their reactions in matter of paying taxes. Hence British always had troops to protect themselves.

British had got information about the military supplies being stored in Concord to fight against them. Hence, orders were given to capture and destroy them. During this time Battle of Lexington 1775 occured. Both groups exchanged fires and results in colonial victory.
That is some history.

The Museum has some of the collections from history.It has different sections. Road to American Revolution, Photo gallery of 52 National parks of America, Fashion of free masonary,Curators collection(Exhibition curators donated their favourite historical items)and State Symbols(Logos).
Photography is not allowed inside the museum. I am sure to visit the place again sometime since I havent covered the place fully. More Information about Lexington later.


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