Boston on 1/1/2012


Winter is the time when we see no people at all on the streets.The reason being severe cold conditions.By the way I am in US.

One such day when we could think of going out because of moderately nice weather(7 degrees) was 1st Jan 2012.Raghav and Arvind decided we take Subway train (T) to Boston. Both of them have seen and been around Boston because of their previous visits.I am the one, totally new.

We parked the car at Alewife.Grabbed breakfast with coffee at Dunkins.We took subway to ‘The Common’ also called Boston common on Red line. I was excited. We didnt know that we are not supposed to eat in train while travelling. Some lady sitting opposite to us signalled not to eat. We waited with Dunkin sandwich until we reached Park street station .

Boston is a place with historical significance. All you see around are the old buildings in brick red color. Walking on the streets among these old brick red building gives a different feeling.

Boston commons is one such place with some history. It is big park covering acres(50 acres-read somewhere) of land.
The commons was once a place where cattle was grazed .
-It was the starting point of Freedom trail
-Public hangings took place here
-The hated british Redcoats camped here before revoultion
-George Washington, John Adams and General Lafayette came here to celebrate America’s Independence.

Two attractions here are the frog pond and Skating ground.

Skating ground is open in winter. skates are rented at different rates for adults and kids.It is fun to watch people skate.Some are naive, some experts and some semi experts. It is nice to watch kids learn skating with their parents. They keep falling since they cannot balance and need support.

There are no activites in frog pond during winter, hence just a walk along is pleasant.

The next closest attraction was the bridge connecting Cambridge and Boston.After crossing the bridge is the prestigious MIT(Massacchusets Institute of Technology) campus. The Bridge is built across River Charles.The walkway along the river opposite to MIT is something not to miss. It is always pleasant to walk along any water source. Here it was blue charles riverside.

As we walked along the river, we headed to Kendall/MIT subway station. Our next destination was Quincy.Quincy Market is a public place with few shopping options and eating places. It has a big food court with variety of options. We opted for thai food. After lunch at 5pm we were tired and got into subway for Harvard. People are not allowed into the campus because of the occupy movement is what we heard.

That was New year celebration for 3 of US.

Happy New Year 2012.


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