Rainy vacation at Veerajpet & Kerala


I was the only new member of Neeli who had not visited Ashu-Jyo’s Veerapete home to witness the greenery of Coorg.  Long weekend on occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi we planned to visit  coorg.

We started on Wednesday at 8am from Ashu-Jyo’s place. Breakfast this time was not our routine Tatte idli. We stopped by at Adigas on bannergatha road since we planned to take NICE road. Anybody would enjoy drive on this road. Toll on this road is 45rs.

Before we reached Srirangpatna we spotted a canal of water flowing by in the midst of green fields.

Ashu took a turn from main road to reach the canal. Breezy morning amongst green fields, water flowing was a pleasant feeling. Shantha Diggu and Abhi could not resist stepping into water. They finally made sure that they experience the feel of water touching their feets. Later we all joined the kiddo’s with Shantha. We all soaked our legs in canal water. Bullock cart was passing by the narrow lane. It was an excitement for kids to see it and wanting to ride on it. Diggu was in cart as it was passing by, then Abhi was in. Shantha tried his hand to drive the bulls. All of us were so keenly watching Shantha, bit worried about how bulls would react to the new owner.

We were back on roads next to spot the famous military canteen near Srirangapatna. The specialty about this canteen is Ragi mudde and Chicken saaru. Its said that the famous celebrities like Ambareesh, Rajni Kanth and Rajkumar had their meal in this place during their film shooting around this place. Everybody liked chicken saakru with Raagi mudde. Poor me did not have options. Managed with rice, watery rasam and curd. Short play time to digest food before we start to continue journey to next stop. Back on roads.

As we reached Periyapatna it started raining. An indication that we are nearing the borders of Coorg. We soon reached Kushal Nagar. All of us had seen Tibetan temple (Monastery), but not the Harangi Dam. Again turn from main road to Harangi dam. It was raining. It was such a feast to eyes to witness greenery around in the rain. Road to Harangi Dam is bumpy. Not good. Soon we reached Harangi Dam. Gates of the Dam was open and water was gushing out. Shantha said gates were open just little because of the danger of flooding due to heavy rains in the area.

Delicacy of this place is the Harangi Meenu. Fresh water fish which will be available in Kushal Nagar for people who want to relish it.

Since it was raining heavily going to Veerajpete was not a good option at that time. Hence we decided to stay back at Ashu’s Cousin, John Anna’s home at Kushal Nagar.

We received a warm welcome from the couple and family. Soon it was a party environment with relatives and friends at home. Delicious food was getting ready. All freshened up, food and snacks ready. Party time, Talks, giggles, laughs, dinner and sleep. Added advantage was cricket match on TV.

Next day we were supposed to head to Kerala.  It was a drive of 5 hours in ghat section to reach Kerala. We were to pass through Veerajpete town. Veerajpete is a deep valley and that can be seen at the entrance, while driving down to the town. We had our breakfast at Veerajpete in Gayatri bhavan and headed for a drive in Ghat section. There was a surprise waiting for us, to be revealed later.

It was a first time I was witnessing the combination of rain, mist and breeze on a lonely road in Ghat section with thick forest. Amazing. Try sitting on window of the car to experience the combination of mild rain, drizzle and mist. I did that and loved it.

There is certain stretch of the road which is really bad. After all the bumpy drive we reached Kannur in Kerala and stopped for Lunch. I liked the bullet rice that is served in Kerala. I had never eaten before. Kerala rice.

The surprise was that Ashu had booked a beach side resort for all of us. In a short while we reached Pranav beach resort in Kannur. Kerala is humid during the day even after it rains. The name of the beach was Payyambalam beach. Beach looked Muddy and the huge waves almost reached the shore hitting the stones on the shore wall. We got into the beach not caring for the huge waves and rain. Once drenched in water, Rain doesn’t matter nor does cold effect.

While Ashu and Nettu were settling accounts and shifting the laguage in the allocated rooms we were all very well engrossed playing in beach water. Diggu and Abhi were so excited playing in beach water. Jyo mommy with baby in her stomach had also made herself comfortable on the shore with waves. After all the settlements in the resort, we all were in beach.

We were warned not to stay in beach as it’s dangerously full. By 5 we were out. Back to our resorts to wash ourselves. Tea time and some chit chat. This time Jyo was narrating a new story that she had read (A Coffin from Hong-Kong).Team relished tasty dinner. Later we planned on what to be covered next day and then good night.

Next day we were to cover the drive-in beach. Muzzapilangad  beach. Unfortunately this beach also was full. No place to drive on the beach. The coast guard warned and stopped us from driving as waves might pull the car in. We managed 2 rounds of beach drive in innova before the coast guard was to stop. Not a good time of the year for drive-in beach.

On the way back to the resort we managed to visit Thalassery fort. It’s a small fort with some historic importance. More information on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thalassery_Fort.

Back to the resort. After Lunch we relaxed and then packed up, back on roads waving good bye to the resort and beach .We were now traveling back to Veerajpete and it was important that we reach as early as possible.

It was raining heavily. The drive in the ghat section was scary on the way back. It was dark night,No streetlights, thick forest and mist. Road was hardly visible. Ashu managed with extra care. We were all on the edge of our seats looking at the way outside.

Heavy rain welcomed us home as we reached Veerajpete.  We shopped for some grocery and finally reached Ashu’s farm house. It’s situated among coffee estates with a field on one side. Path was slippery as it rained continuously. We reached home, Settled and prepared some yummy Upma. Quick, Easy and tasty when eaten hot with pickle. Again some nice time talking and chatting. Good night.

Second day in Veerajpete, Satruday was a lazy day, cold and gloomy. Ashu got us some famous delicacies of the place for breakfast. Sweet buns, Pattal ,kadle curry and fish curry.

After breakfast, we walked down the silent road to a place where the river was flooded. After that was Gadde walk. Enjoyed the walk in that sticky mud, bit scared of leeches and crabs.

Back home Chef Shobha was preparing delicious Pulav . We reached home with muddy legs and drenched in rain. Dried up and settled for lunch. Yummy Pulav with cucumber salad was a delightful. Since it was warm and cozy to be home in that weather. We all slept like logs untill late evening. Rest of the evening was again some fun and play. We decided to leave to Bangalore early Sunday morning.

Delicious lunch at Shobha’s Mom’s home was feast for the tired souls.

We returned back to our nests to rest and get ready for the boring Monday morning.


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