Weekend @ Coorg on Friendship day


The long planned trip with office friends finally happened on first week  of August.Friendship day weekend.  Long after  continuous discussions on where to visit and who all will join the trip, we settled on visiting a resort called Prakruth in Coorg. Resort looked good in the planned budget. This resort looked on their website and we were impressed.

The season we chose to visit Coorg was not apt. Post the month of August is the good time to visit Coorg. August is the time when it  rains in these areas.If you want to experience the rains, then you can plan trip during this season. Everything around is lush green.Feast to eyes.

We started early on Saturday morning. We were out of Bangalore by 7.45am. Rarely we leave on time, specially with trips.

There was so much excitement, fun,laughs, music as we started our jouney. We stopped for  breakfast at Kadambam. After quick breakfast and a short photo session we continued our journey towards Coorg. Only after we reached Kushal Nagar we realized the resort is just  7kms away. We called Manu, the guy in-charge of the resort to find the way to the resort. He guided us and we reached the place around 12 noon.

It was drizzling, and lovely Lake view infront of nature friendly cottages welcomed us. But the lawn and land was wet,muddy and slippery. This dampened our spirits.

We went around the resort, spent some time near the lake.There was no activity at all near the lake. We expected some rafting or kayaking at the lake. Lake was flooded and full, there was nothing that we could do. Again some photo session and we were ready for lunch.

Now lunch was not upto the expectation. Chef probably forgot the salt. For non vegeteraians there was Chicken curry with chapathi. For veggeis they had tondekayi subzi with chapathi. Rice Sambar, rasam , curd papad and pickle. Disappointing lunch.

We soon realized that there is absolutely nothing we could do at the resort. We did not want to sleep and waste time. Hence we planned to visit Dubare elephant camp. We took 45 mins to reach the Dubare Elephant camp. The elephant camp was on the other side of the  river. Since it was rainy season the river was flooded.There were motor boats to cross the river. They charge 20rs per head .  When we were crossing the river we got to know that Krishna was awfully scared of water.

Dubare Aane camp is not a thick forest place.  There are people dedicated for taking care of Elephants’ well being. There is a designated place where elephant food is prepared. Elephant food is a mixture of different types of grains cooked and made into Ragi balls.

At 5pm in the evening everyday elephants assemble to consume their food. This is the time when visitors get to see all the elephants around. When asked we were told there are around 15 elephants that we can see. But we got to see only 4 elephants.

Elephants were tamed and it was very much evident that we got to see from such a close distance. I felt sad looking at the way they would be tamed. But if they were not tamed, probably we cannot see them so closely. Elephants are said to be much more wilder when in Forest.

We crossed the river at 5pm and back in our Qualis. Murali, Krishna and Manasa wanted to go Rafting. It costs 600 rs per head for a stretch of 7 kms. Rest of us wanted to stay warm since the weather was rainy, cold and cloudy. It took 45mins to cover 7 kms of rafting. We waited untill they returned.

Next in our list was to cover Kushal Nagar’s Famous Tibetian Monastery. I was looking forward to visit the Monastery. We reached there in half an hour.

Calm, clean and smiling tibetian faces at the enterance gives a  glimpse of the Monestery from outside. The Architecture of the Monastery is mesmerising. As we walk  towards the main temple, on either sides,  white ducks were roaming around in the lawn. There are 3 such temples.

As we entered the main temple, the feeling was so peaceful and calm. I was struck by the  calmness around the place. Radhika and me sat sat down right in front of the huge Idols. We were admiring  Painting on the walls, the lit candles and the cleanliness of the place.  How I wish all our Hindu temples emnate the same feeling of peace.

We visited all the 3 temples and landscape model of the same. We were all looking to taste Momo’s for evening snacks. After spotting a small roadside bandi, we relished veg and non veg momo’s. Then a bit of shopping. Inder shopped  junk jwellery for wife and daughter. Manasa picked a magazine stand and water proof shoes.

In about an hour we came back to resort. Freshened up for dinner. Dinner was not better than lunch. But what followed dinner with some chatting, giggling, laughs and talks were enteratining. We could not do camp fire as it was drizzling and damp. We finally settled back in our beds with jungle music in back ground played by Frogs,rats and birds.

Sunday Morning,7th August was the Friendship day. We all started our day  wishing each other. Got ready with the plan for the day.

Visiting Abbey Water fall was next item in the list. After breakfast and settling accounts at the resort we headed to Abbey water fall. It was raining again. Once we got down to walk to the waterfall, we had to rent Umbrellas. 10 Rs each.

We never expected that Abbey waterfall would be so scary.  It was flooded. Water was gushing. Imagine, Just standing on the bridge facing water fall was enough to drench us completely . After admiring the waterfall and the force of water flowing, how could we miss on the photo session. We captured some beautiful pictures and headed back.

We had to drop Manasa to Maidkeri as she had to leave for Mangalore. We reached Madikeri in the heavy rains. Had good lunch at East end Hotel,one of the oldest and best hotels in Madekeri. Then we said bye to Manasa at the Busstop.On the way back to Bangalore,we made a quick stop at Coffee day near Bidadi. We reached Bangalore at 10pm Overall a good fun trip with friends.


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  1. One of the unforgettable days of my life….. It was just one day trip but the fun we had is really amazing…. Thanks to all, for making this trip really wonderful… Looking for more like this… 🙂

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