Natural Pedicure – Fish Spa


Legs in warm/hot water with some liquid soap  soak, scrub legs to remove dead skin and dirt,then moisturizer to remove the dryness. This is the regular pedicure we girls get done at the parlors.

Now think of something natural, No liquid soap soak, no scrub to remove dry dead skin and dirt. Just leave you leg in a small pool with cute little fishes. Yes, I am talking about the Fish Spa. A Natural Pedicure mechanism.

These are one type of small fishes that mildly scrape the dead skin and dirt from the legs. Soak your leg in the pool with these fishes and they do all the leg cleaning required.

As soon as you put the leg in pool to soak, they all come and grab making you feel ticklish. Ticklish to an extent that you feel like taking legs off from the pool. I did it 3 times. Finally I could make it, to tolerate tickle of the fishes. After around 5 minutes I got used to the kiss of the fish on my feet.

Fish Spa is for about 30-40 minutes. They keeping scrapping the dry skin and dirt as long as u leave your legs in the pool. I just loved the way these cute little fishes do the natural pedicure.

It costs around 200-300rs for the Fish spa. Fish Spa is available in Body & Soul(J.P.Nagar).

Fish spa is one of the pedicure experiences but not equivalent to the normal pedicure.

As the fishes do all the cleaning, they deserve part of the amount paid for the service. Try it. But be prepared for the tickle.


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