Tricky Akki Rotti

This is one of my favourite dishes. Now that I like akki rotti, wanted to learn how to make it. I had heard different ways of preparing it from experienced cooks(Friends mom’s and aunt’s). It took a lot of time for me to actually try. Finally made up my mind that I will learn how to make this.
First attempt was difficult. I tried second. Not that great. And tried the 3rd time, something was still not right.
Finally when my mother-in-law was in town she cooked for us. I watched her making it while helping her in kitchen.Bingo.
4th attempt today. It was perfect. The quantity I have mentioned here is for 4 big bellies.
Here goes my recipe :
Akki hittu(Rice flour) – 4-5 cups
Cucumber(Sautekayi) – 1 big.
Carrot(gejjari) – 1
Onion – 1
Green Chillies – 4-5
Coriander leaves
salt-1-2 tsp.
Jeera – 1tsp
How to  :
Grate Cucumber and Carrot. Finely chop Onions, Green Chillies and Coriander leaves.
Take rice flour in a bowl. Mix all the grated and chopped ingredients. Add salt.
Boil water. Knead the flour with hot water.Be careful while kneading. You can use spatula or something like that initially as it will be hot.As the mixture cools you can use your hands. The dough should be thick enough, like the dough we make for chapatis.
Keep it covered for 10 mintues. Now  take the dough in parts, Make them in the form of a ball.  Take a thick plastic cover,preferably oil polythene. Cut it open. Put little oil in the center of the polythene, place the dough which you made in the form of ball. Start spearding it in circle with fingers.
Be careful while spreading it with fingers, might stick  and tear if hand is not greased properly. Oil your hand a bit so that it wont stick,Or you can use water also in very small quantity to damp the fingers.
Carefully separate the akki rotti from the polythene to your hand and put it on tava. Smear some oil on both side. Akki rotti ready !! Tastes good with coconut chutney.
Note: Instead of oil polythene you also get a  different kind of sheet for making such recipes as vabattu and different variety of hand made rotis. Its not easily available everywhere in the market. Hence an alternative is a thick polythene.
Akki rotti is not an easy recipe. So you’ll have to try this few times before you get it right.  Thanks to my mother-in-law for the tips.

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  1. So you have won your MIL’s heart. Hey its Talipettu right? Even i tried it once, but a flop. I think, 3, 4 trials are still left. I had thought we have to knead the flour part by part in hot water. Wont it get dried if knead all at once?

    • Amma does it that way.She kneads in 2 parts. But since I was making just for 4 people managed it at once. It doesnt dry off.Try it again. Water needs to be hot.Illandre jigi baralla.

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