Celebration @ Coffee Estate


Many of you who watch reality shows on television would have seen this shehar ki ladkiyan gaun mein type of shows.

The trip runs like one of those reality shows.

Aravind and his college friends organized their 10th  college reunion get-together at a coffee estate near sakleshpur.


Estate is 20kms from sakleshpur uphill. Name of the place is doddahalli. Between Sakleshpur and doddahalli  there are locations where few of Mungaru Male(Kannada movie blockbuster) scenes were shot. The place is moist green and drizzling most of the time and you’ll find only coffee estates and few paddy fields , not populated or commercialized. Bari Hanchina manelegalu. Very few houses here and there. Some farmhouses,few labourer homes and may be few of them are owners of land.

Only 10 of us finally made it for the trip of the 16 planned. 4 couple, 2 married bachelors ,2 cars and a journey of 6 hours totally with stops for breakfast and tea.

Guys with cars picked each of us  from respective areas. Members of Pawans car were Pradeep shetty, Amita, Aravind and Me from HSR and J.P Nagar. Laxman gowda’s car had Subbu,Sneha,Sachin and his wife Nirmala.We all met at NICE road, near toll gate towards magadi exit at 8 am on saturday morning. It was a gloomy and a cold morning.

Nice road->Magadi exit->Channarayapatna->Kunigal->Hassan->Sakleshpur->Doddhalli was the route to our destination. We stopped at Sakleshpur to buy veggies.We finally reached estate at 3 ‘0 clock in the noon. We girls were all shocked when we first saw our accommodation place. Frankly we all expected it to be a decent house with kitchen and 2 bed rooms. But it wasn’t. It was a constructed storage home with a big hall and 2 tiny homes for workers on either sides. There were few vessels to cook. A small stove kind of thing to cook. Water from Well.

When we reached the place, we all were hungry. Guys were to get water from the well and Girls were to handle cooking part. Shetty ne hamein chula jalana sikhaya.Chula jalane ke liye lakdi, nariyal ka shell and uska cover,papers and little kerosene is required. We finally learnt from him how to go about making a gas facility to cook.

Sneha and me managed to cook rice. Sachin and Nirmala vegetable chopping department and Subbu the head cook. Subbu prepared Vegetable fried rice Indain style. Came out well. We all enjoyed our lunch.

Time for walk around estate. It was drizzling. We all wore our jackets,set with cameras and followed our guide, Shetty

We saw Coffee plants with raw and ripe seeds.Coffee flower, Ginger plants with flowers, Elaichi plants, Banana tress,Pepper plants,Snake home,spiders,Insects,Mushroom,different colored bunch flowers. Then we walked towards a stream, but couldn’t reach there because of the slippery muddy land. It was difficult without gum boots. We did some photo shoot and back to our nest. Now chai time, Again Chula jalana. Made tea for all of them. We all enjoyed our evening tea with under a drizzle. It was getting dark.There were chances of power cut. After tea we started making dinner. My department was rice and dal. Guys were to cook chicken curry. sachin and Nirmala were busy cutting veggies for dal and chicken. Finally we finished cooking at 8 PM in the dark.

Next some fun and party time. Enjoyed wine with snacks and played drum charades. Dinner and then Good night. It was raining outside.Very cold inside. Girls in one side of the house. Guys the other side of the house.They continued their party and we poor girls inside the room trying to sleep. Sad isnt?

We woke up early next morning.By 6am we girls were up. Pawan and Me are tea lovers.I freshened up first so that I could prepare tea. Pradeep helped me light the fire, Chula jalane ke liye.slurrpppp!!We all had bread jam and tea. Guys back to fill water from well. Cooked breakfast from left overs.Guys busy playing cricket and we girls were spectators watching them play. Then they all moved towards Well to have cold water shower. We girls got ready and had our breakfast. Guys had their breakfast too.

Plan next was to see a temple on hilltop.Supposed to be very scenic. We lost our way. 3 of us in the team had to catch a bus to reach Bangalore. Pawan and Aravind could not goto see that temple on hilltop because of us. Either Pawan or Gowda had to drop us to sakleshpur bustand. Pawan agreed. Aravind with no choice had to accompany Pawan because its his wife heading back to B’lore. Once they dropped us, They continued their sight seeing . Missed lot of fun for 2 more days. Mera Adhura trip. :(. I had to report to work next day. Places we missed,


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  1. You really have patience to put the entire trip into words.No doubt you people have enjoyed a lot. One doubtu, who is the chubby person sitting next to you in the car 😉

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