Pure and Simple


“Pure and Simple” Indian vegeterian cuisine, The cook book I fell in love the first time Aravind brought it home.
Where did he find this book? He loves reading  and reads books on variety of subjects. “Just books” with tag line Rent Read and Return is a library with good collection of books. With me in mind, he picked up this book for me . I tried many recipes out of this book.
Time had come when the book was to be returned. I thought I will get photocopy of the book done. But it was not such a good idea.Book would lose its charm and  may be, I would not  look at b&w xerox copy of the original. Aravind returned the book and I was missing it.
To my surprize Aravind ordered this book for me from Flipkart(Online bookstore.Its like Amazon of India).Took quite some time to reach me.Guess its not available for sale in India,They would have Imported it. I am so happy to have it with me. Will post some tried recipes in days to come. Thanks Aravind

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