RCB vs MI in Bangalore


Crazy Cricket fans would never want to miss an opportunity to watch cricket match when India is playing opposite any other teams around world. Its even more exciting when the match is happening in Bangalore. That too IPL between Bangalore and Mumbai.

The  IPL match between Royal challenge Bangalore and Mumbai Indians was happening in Bangalore at chinnaswamy stadium on 17th April 2010, Saturday(weekend) .

Aravind being a cricket crazy guy called approximately a month before the match was happening and asked me “would you want to watch cricket live”? I was quite excited to watch match live in stadium. Since I  am not a cricket fan,thought it will be interesting to watch it live. I agreed.

Finally the day came and we went to stadium an hour early. Match was supposed to start at 4pm in the evening. We had to go early to catch  seats. Reached stadium at 3. In and around stadium was heavily crowded. We were accompanied by Aravind’s colleagues. We managed to find seats close to the pitch(not sure if thats the right word for what i am meaning), 5th row from down.

Match got delayed due to bomb blasts outside stadium, There was no hint of bomb blasts inside the stadium though. Bangalore crowd was all excited and curiously waiting for match to begin. Above all, guess many people were eagerly waiting to see players. Like me. Players walked in and the crowd started cheering, shouting and calling names of players. We were seated close to boundary. Mumbai Indians were practicing close to the boundary,where we were seated. Crowd went crazy when sachin was warming up and batting within the net for practice. People where trying to get a glimpse and wave at him. But trust me not a single player gets distracted by the crowd around, No matter what people do to get their attention.

We got a closer view of few players who were at the boundary. Virat Kohli, Dale Steyn, Pankaj, and one or 2 from Mumbai India’s team. Sachin and Anil kumble were closer to the pitch, far from sight. I could notice Jacques kallis, Rahul Dravid. Steyn fastest bowler. He runs real fast while bowling from pretty longer distance from the pitch.

Vijay Mallya was there in the stadium. He was  inspecting and checking about security. He waved at people around as the crowd was calling his name for attention.

Cheer Leaders, Pretty looking , Dressed hot , looking sexy, where a great attraction and joy for many eyes around. They have only one set of steps that they repeat for different music based on beats and rhythm. I made an effort to constantly notice there dancing steps.I liked RCB cheer leaders better that MI’s.

The person who kept the crowd engaged and going was the DJ. We were seated right next to that setup. Hatz off to that guy who controlled the crowd with his own entertainment tactics. Mexican wave around the stadium was awesome, People followed DJ’s words so well. Mexican wave is an entertainment where people around stadium stand and sit to form wave constantly. It was an awesome view and joy to be involved in that process. Good cheering for RCB from crowd, few kannada songs also were played.

If at all people want to watch players and match closely, I would prefer watching it on TV. It’s more clear. In stadium everything looks tiny.

I loved the 4’s , 6’s . Catch outs were easier. I could feel the hardness of the ball when the batsman hit it with the bat. I had never thought that the ball would be so hard.

Unfortunately RCB lost the match, That was disappointing .

All in all a good experience.


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  1. Very well explained Nirmala. I had an impression that its just not possible to watch a match in the stadium(no replays, players unrecognizably small, can’t a miss a ball-else you’ll not come to know what just happend) but it seems so close here( may be you are in the front rows). Must be exciting to watch the crazy crowd na?

  2. Nice explanation.Felt as if I watched match live in stadium.Winning or losing is secondary in sports as my primary school teachers used to say.(Not saying as RCB lost).Participation is more important. Enjoyment in more important in sports although there are allegations of corruption and match fixing in cricket.

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