Avatar. Go watch


Courtesy  www.arvindtm.com

Prince Cinemas is a multiplex in the prince hotel. We took a chance to find out if they feature English movies. Avatar had just released.The lady at the desk told that the ‘movie speaking English and Japanese subtitles‘ with her hand and mouth gestures. Being a ladies day at the theater, it cost me 1000 Yen ( 500 Rs,for me) and 1200 Rs for Aru.We had two hours to kill before the start of the movie.

We went to Bowling place next door. I had not done bowling in years. But still tried my luck. I went from being good in the first round to worse in the second.Aru, broke his previous record of 146 points.

Back to the theater.

This Theater at Tokyo is no different from the PVR experience in Bangalore.Little smaller in the screen space and seating capacity.
Avatar starts like any regular Hollywood movie. But what a movie. W H A T T T   A    M O V I E  as it turns out. Movie no wonder is already being labeled as the iPhone of the movies. I cannot imagine what the experience would be if it is seen on a 3D. We were awed by the blue monkeys and the imaginative story telling. Just don’t miss.

March 8th 2010.

Avatar Wins Oscar awards for Best Visual Effects,Best Cinematography,Best Art Direction.


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