Attention Girls! Ginza..


Ginza has a resemblance to MG Road in Bangalore. Shopping street for national and international brands. To name a few, Uni Qlo,H&M,Swarovski,Swatch,Fitch etc. The coolest thing about going to Ginza on Sunday afternoon is, there are no vehicles on this street. Yes, traffic is diverted so that public can freely enjoy shopping. Cool isn’t?

We dropped in at UNI QLO, a casual wear Japanese retail store. we were looking for a jacket which is light, thin and warm for Arvind. After hunting for a while,we found this jacket that met all aru’s requirements. It is reversible too. He is so impressed with it. He bought that with total satisfaction. I also found a pull-over with a hood. It was cold. We were so satisfied and happy about the jackets that we wore right there.  You see that smile. New Pinch!!!

This is a branded place for branded shopping. Its will be an advantage anyday, to go shopping here during discount sale season.


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