Fishing in Tokyo and a short visit to Todoroki.


— Courtesy

It’s hard to find an attraction in and around Tokyo that is not crowded during weekend. How do you beat it. Pick unconventional spots.

Todoroki happened by 2 minute search on
Here’s how you get there:
Shinagawa -> Oimachi -> From Tokyu-Oimachi line -> Todoriko.

It is about 30 minutes away. There is a narrow stream of water flowing quietly in the middle of residential areas. There is a 2ft walking area next to the water body. It’s a nice walk of a km along the stretch.Along the way you hit a Japanese shrine, Few Orange trees, and a flat plain land. All of this outing doesn’t last more than 2 hours.

So we’re left with rest of the day to spend elsewhere. We headed back to Epson Aqua stadium near Shinagawa station.
You must see the video to believe.  How on earth can you teach dolphins to do those acrobats ?

This is another video of different variety of fishes and sea creatures.


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