Disappointing Disney!


It was comparatively colder on a Sunday morning with temperature between 10-12 degrees. We reached Disneyland around 10.45am. I had read in the hand guide about the parade of Disney characters. It starts at 11am. People were seated along the walkway, It was heavily crowded. Parade started on time and it was so much fun with loud Christmas music and dance by Disney characters. Once the parade was over,people started queuing up for different attractions.

Disneyland is vast in area. They have different themes. The theme which we explored was called Adventurland. Jungle Cruise is one of the Adventureland attractions. All the attractions display wait time outside the entrace. Jungle cruise had wait time of 40 mins. We stood in the queue for 40 mins and finally got into the boat.This boat goes around in an artificial river flowing in the midst of a jungle. There are animated animals and scenes in jungle with jungle screeching sounds.Scenes like lions hunting on prey, adivasi’s, elephants, hippo’s rising from water, etc. Boat also goes through ancient setup of cave with idols and creepers and animals.

We headed to the next ride called Western river railroad.This also had 40 mins wait time in the queue, Disappointment starting creeping in. This ride is by train. It goes around the entire adventure land. While going in the train we happened to spot a huge rollar coaster ride in a setup of mountain.

We badly wanted to go to that ride. We located the place. Guess what was the wait time??? 120 Minutes!!!!!,meaning 2 hours of wait time in the queue. 2 hours.We were terribly disappointed. we thought its better to try on rides with lesser wait time rather than waiting in queue for 2 hours.Few other rides we checked on had 2 hours of waiting time.Then we picked a ride which had a wait time of 40 mins. Star Jets. A rotating Jet which takes you around in air. We were hungry by the time we finished this ride. We had to hunt something to eat. Vegetarian me. We found this cafe with some eateries.Picked up bakery stuff for lunch(strawberry tart , croissant,corn bread).It was getting colder, we had no energy to roam around and go for rides. It was 3.30 by the time we finished lunch.

We went to disney stores in World Bazaar section to get some warmth as it was cold outside.Bought a small decorative hanging for my handbag. Around 4.30 we headed back home.

At Tokyo station we had Beck’s Coffee with Toast. It was refreshing after the tiring day.


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